Food Security Hubs

Food Security Hubs are a partnership between Island Health and community agencies that are leading in food security efforts within their regions. These organizations collaborate with communities to address food security through a wide range of projects, programs and advocacy. Island Health recognizes the importance of developing community partnerships for the purposes of building community food security on Vancouver Island. The Vancouver Island Food Charter holds a vision of a just and sustainable food system in the Island region, which is rooted in healthy communities, where no one is hungry and everyone has access to nutritious and culturally acceptable food. 

Island Health provides funding to these agencies to enhance their capacity to:

  • Provide leadership and support
  • Develop communication networks
  • Facilitate dialogue with neighbouring communities and municipal /regional governments, and; 
  • Collaborate with Island Health and other Hubs across the Health Region. 

Please visit this link to find out about the Island Food Hubs in your Region.