Completed Activities to Date

Port McNeill Hospital - Aerial View
There have been numerous actions taken aimed at strengthening the care and services provided every day to those living in and visiting North Vancouver Island. This includes completed activities outlined in the January 27, 2023, provincial announcement.

December 2023 – First scans using new mobile CT scanner completed (December 6, 2023).

November 2023 – Mobile CT pad construction completed and delivery of mobile CT scanner unit.

October 2023 – Open House at Port Hardy Primary Care Centre.

September 2023 – Welcomed a new physician to Port Hardy.

August 2023 – Construction began on the mobile CT pad at Port Hardy Hospital.

July 2023 – Ten primary care patients were seen virtually as part of a virtual care prototype initiative, and supported through the TELUS MedAccess EMR.

June 2023 – Virtual Care training was provided to local medical office assistants to support the May 2023 rollout of the TELUS MedAccess EMR in Port Hardy.

May 2023 – Rolled out the TELUS MedAccess EMR at the Port Hardy Community Health Clinic.

May 2023 – Rolled out a new transportation service between health care sites in Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Port Alice.

April 2023 – As of April 1, the Salvation Army, an Island Health contracted services provider, has officially added six sobering and assessment beds at its Centre of Hope site, and expanded services to be available 24/7.

March 2023 – CT scanner vendor selected and purchase request submitted.

March 2023 – Planning for modernization of Port Hardy Hospital (PHH) and Port McNeill Hospital (PMH) underway. Currently in the conceptual planning phase.

March 2023 – Staff accommodations inventoried for renovation/refresh, and order submitted through local vendor to modernize furnishings.  Additional modern housing leased to be ready for April/May

February 2023 – Updated North Vancouver Island recruitment campaign launched.

February 2023 –  New temporary incentives rolled out.

February 2023 – Added two additional long-term care beds at Eagle Ridge Manor, increasing services and residential capacity

February 2023 – Increased Protection Services Officer presence at PMH/PHH.  

February 2023 – Two custom 7-seat wheelchair-enabled shuttles purchased to support transport between local sites, and to establish a connector service to Campbell River and Comox. A third wheelchair-accessible shuttle van was added in March 2023. 

February 2023 – Work commenced to add six sobering and assessment beds at Salvation Army Centre of Hope, and expand services to be available 24/7.

January 27, 2023 – Ongoing – Staff hired including:

  • Ten Registered Nurses/Registered Psychiatric Nurses
  • Eight Licensed Practical Nurses (one hired from outside of the region)
  • Two Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinators (one hired from outside the region)
  • Two Clinical Nurse Educators
  • One Clinical Pharmacist
  • Two Pharmacy Technicians
  • Four Community Health Workers
  • Ten Protection Services Officers  
  • Eight Inter-facility Porters for dedicated shuttle service (three hired from outside the region)
  • Two Social Workers (one hired from outside the region)
  • Twenty-Six Patient Care Aides
  • Four Mental Health Workers
  • Three Medical Lab Assistants
  • Four Environmental Service Workers

November 2022 – Created position for a local Retention & Recruitment Coordinator.

August 2022 – Launched staff appreciation strategy.

January 2022 – Implemented new Electronic Medical Record in a staged approach.

November 2021 – Increased staffing complement at Cormorant Island Health Centre.

November 2021 – Increased funding for additional health care provider capacity (additional rotations of 24/7 registered nurse positions at Port Hardy Hospital and Port McNeill Hospital).

Fall 2021 – Enhanced local dedicated leadership and administration (established Triad structure (local medical, operational and Indigenous Health leadership).

September 2021 and Spring 2022 – Increased staffing within long-term care locations.

Summer 2021 – Increased access through purchase and launch of Island Health's primary care clinic – Port McNeill Primary Care Centre/A’ekakila’as.

Summer 2021 – Targeted physician supports to stabilize primary care services including additional medical office staff and management.