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Island Health delivers many types of health care services for residents, clients and patients. You can view the content on this pages as a grid view with images (shown as the default) or a text-based list view.

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Whether it's intensive inpatient therapy or ongoing outpatient therapy, Island Health offers a wide range of adult rehabilitation services.
Letting your family and friends know about the care you do and do not want will help them if they need to make decisions on your behalf.
Island Health assists in providing housing options for those with complex health care needs.
Comprehensive, integrated breast health services are offered throughout the Island Health region.
Island Health has several Community Oncology Networks that partner with BC Cancer Victoria to provide chemotherapy and systemic therapy to community members.
Child and youth-specific rehabilitation services at Island Health range from physiotherapy to speech therapy.
Caring for Vancouver Island's most precious resources with specialized services for children and youth.
Information on communicable diseases, outbreaks and disease control services.
From child care to residential care, Island Health assists individuals and organizations with health-related licensing and Inspections.
Services in your home and in the community to support your health, improve your quality of life, and help you live independently.
Information and services for people and families living with all types of diabetes, a disease impacting a growing portion of the population.
From accessibility to therapy, Island Health is committed to providing first-class disability services across Vancouver Island.
Island Health provides services and support for people suffering through eating disorders.
From in-home care to hospice, Island Health helps individuals and families dealing with death.
Eye health services offered at Island Health facilities include diagnostic, laser and surgical procedures.
Compassionate experts caring for people experiencing sexual assault and or intentional violence.
Island Health welcomes diversity in all forms, including gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and Indigenous identity.
From heart emergencies to heart maintenance, Island Health cares for heart patients across Vancouver Island.
Island Health serves those suffering from hoarding, which can result in serious risks to health and safety.
Hospital at Home enables hospital-level care to be provided from the comfort of your home.
From nutrition to elder care, find services and supports directly related to Indigenous health within Island Health's service region.
Services to help Vancouver Island residents prevent, identify and manage kidney disease.
Outpatient services that can include diagnostic tests, treatments, minor procedures, or rehabilitation visits.
We assist individuals and their families through the process of identifying a genetic diagnosis.
Whether it's a simple X-ray or an advanced CT scan, Island Health provides the latest in medical imaging services.
Local and regional medical laboratory services are available across Vancouver Island.
Island Health offers services, treatment and support to those impacted by mental health and substance use issues.  
From rapid stroke assessment to clinical neurophysiology Island Health offers a variety of neuroscience services.
Medical nutrition therapy and nutrition expertise is available throughout the Island Health region.
Providing custom orthotics in Victoria BC as well as foot orthotics, prosthetics & clinics for people affected by physical disabilities & mobility challenges.
Pain management is no simple matter. Explore the Island Health Pain Program devoted to proactively dealing with pain.
Find Island Health services specializing in supporting mothers and families through pregnancy and child birth.