Healthy Schools

Island Health works as a partner with schools, school districts and communities for student health and well-being.

How can Island Health support your school?

The Healthy School Team can help your school:

  • identify health priorities or topics to focus on
  • provide links to community resources and services
  • support connections with community partners
  • share and interpret health information
  • find resources and grants to support healthy school projects

Medical Health Officers serve School Boards under the BC School Act.


Allergy Aware Resources for School Communities

Body Image and Media Literacy

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Glucagon Administration in the School Setting

Knowing how and when to administer glucagon to students with Type 1 diabetes is essential for any new and returning school staff who support these students. This 18-minute video, created by our colleagues in Fraser Health, describes the why, what, when and how to support students with/who are at risk of severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). At the end of the session, learners will be able to:

•    State and recognize the causes of low blood sugar
•    Respond to low blood sugar in a student with Type 1 diabetes
•    Administer glucagon by injection or nasal spray

Food and Nutrition

Canadian Food & Nutrition Resources for Educators (K-12)

Eating Disorders

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Kindergarten Readiness

Preschool Age Children (0-5 years old)

Lice Management

Head Lice

Mental and Emotional Health

Mental Health & Wellbeing Literacy: Resources for Schools

Sexual Health

Island Health Youth Clinics

Healthy Sexuality

Teaching Sexual Health

School Newsletter Inserts

Island Health provides newsletter inserts that schools can include in communications to their school community.

Contact your local health unit for copies of newsletter inserts related to communicable diseases.

Substance Use

Youth & Family Substance Use Resources

Overdose Prevention Services

The ABCs of Youth Substance Use

Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research/Helping Schools 


Ledger House - Children, Youth & Families

Ledger House - Children, Youth & Families

Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health

2400 Arbutus Rd
Victoria, B.C. 
V8N 1V7


Nanaimo Youth Wellness Centre

Nanaimo Youth Wellness Centre

Nanaimo Youth Wellness Centre
Located at the 
Nanaimo Aquatic Centre
741 Third St
Nanaimo,  BC   V9R 7B2

250-755-3333 or cell/text 250-619-0651


News & Events

Child and mother

Children under five years now eligible to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Beginning August 2, 2022, all people over the age of six months in B.C. can now receive protection against the COVID-19 virus, following Health Canada’s approval of the vaccine specifically formulated for children between the ages of six months and five years old.

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A Family Tradition: Three Generations of Nursing Care

A Family Tradition: Three Generations of Nursing Care

Donna McLeod, Shelley McLeod-Garner and Michelle King share something beyond genes.

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Woman smiling at camera with text that reads "you don't need to be in crisis to seek support."

Caring conversations on National Child & Youth Mental Health Day

May 7 is National Child & Youth Mental Health Day. On this day, we highlight the fundamental importance of building caring connections and supportive conversations between young people and the adults in their lives.

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