Logos & Identity


On August 30, 2013, the Vancouver Island Health Authority transitioned to Island Health. The organization serves more than just Vancouver Island and includes surrounding islands and communities on the mainland off the northeast tip of Vancouver Island. This change better reflects the broader community that Island Health serves and aligns with the direction taken by the other Health Authorities in British Columbia.

Island Health’s visual identity reflects who we are and what we stand for. It represents what people think and feel about everything Island Health does. The most visible component of Island Health’s visual identity is the logo. It consists of three mountains, a wave and wordmark. It represents the west coast in its graphic elements, as well as the three geographic zones of the health region – north, central and south.

island health logo

Logo Guidelines

The logo is most often used in color but can be represented in grayscale or reverse on a dark background as well. It works well at a variety of sizes and can be sent in a variety of formats.

Please read the Island Health Visual Identity Guidelines prior to using the logo and related visual identity components.

Requests for logo files and questions about usage can be sent to brand@islandhealth.ca. When requesting a logo file, please provide the context in which the logo will be used and the name of the person or department you are working with.

Indigenous Health Logo


Island Health’s Cultural Safety logo, created by First Nation designers Ray MacGuire and Dale Letourneau in 2011, depicts the elements of a culturally safe environment for clients and families.

The two hands signify a welcoming place of care, while the eagle feathers symbolize the importance of providing care that honors and respects the whole person. The hands hold up a heart, signifying the importance of providing health care with an open heart and open mind. The center of the heart is a circle representing the person at the heart of receiving care.

The Orca whale tails surrounding the person remind us of the importance of family and the three distinct First Nations of Vancouver Island. The infinity symbol at the base of the heart acknowledges the Metis Nation.

Together these symbols signify the inclusiveness of all cultures and the right of people to receive health and care services that are culturally safe.

Island Health logos may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission from Island Health. To obtain a copy, email brand@islandhealth.ca. Find Island Health's full Visual Identity Guidelines here.