Staff wear orange t-shirts in support of Every Child Matters

We are committed to being accountable to the people we serve. This means we are committed to informing you about our plans to deliver services that meet community needs, and we will report on the services and resources we provide to meet those needs.


The Island Health Annual Plan sets direction for service delivery.

Performance & Reports

We measure, monitor and report on our performance using Performance Measures.

Our Financial Reports provide information on the resources we use to meet targets and deliver health services. 


Every four years, Island Health participates in a rigorous evaluation process led by Accreditation Canada. Read the results of the most recent Accreditation Report to see how Island Health’s leadership, governance, clinical programs, and services perform against other peer organizations in Canada and throughout the world.


Visit Population & Health Statistics to learn about the population we serve and the services we deliver.

Code of Conduct & Policies

The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines intended to support ethical behaviour and decision making for all employees at Island Health. We have Policies in place that reflect our commitment to integrity, accountability and ethics. Both can be found at Code of Conduct & Policies.


Working with the Executive Team, the Board of Directors ensures patients receive the best care possible within an affordable, sustainable health care system.

You are welcome to attend general meetings, which are held in communities across the Island Health region.


The Premier’s mandate letters to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Services outlines the government’s priorities for the delivery of health care in British Columbia. The Minister of Health and Minister of Mental Health and Addictions' mandate letter to Island Health provides government's annual strategic direction and key performance expectations.

Risk Management

By appropriately managing risks, Island Health is able to provide a better experience for you, as our patients and clients.

Risk Management helps identify and manage risks, determine what level of risk is acceptable, and mitigate the impact of adverse events that may occur. We also deal with insurance matters.

If you would like to make a claim or report and incident, or have other matters related to Risk Management in Island Health, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Legal Services

For Legal Services, including serving Island Health or an Island Health staff member with legal documents, please contact Legal Services at