Code Hack 2020

Code Hack2020

24 Hours,
100 Participants,
Real Healthcare Challenges.

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for Code Hack 2020. Participants, volunteers, mentors, coaches, judges and organisers, it was a pleasure to host you all at the Royal Jubilee Hospital for an incredibly successful event. We hope to see you next year!

Code Hack 2020 Winners:

First Place: Team LTC – addressed the problem of keeping long-term care residents in their care settings when they experience acute care needs.
Prize: $1000, six months support, a Code Hack plaque, and team name on the Code Hack trophy

Second place and People’s Choice Award Winners: Team Dudley Do-Right - created an app to engage, retain and reward volunteers as well provide crucial information all in one place.
Prize: $750, six months support and a Code Hack plaque.

Third Place: Team Mind Matter – tackled mental health and isolation for 16-25 year olds living with a developmental disability.
Prize: $500, six months support and a Code Hack plaque.

Fourth place and finalist: Team Fluid Solutions - hacked the experience of gender non-conforming, non-binary, and transgender patients when receiving health care.

At the end of our awards ceremony, we had a stop press moment. An angel investor stepped up and contributed additional seed money to help all teams take the next step with their prototype solutions. The Innovation Lab and Code Hack team are ready to support every team as they develop their health care solutions. 

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What is a hackathon? 

Our hackathon is an opportunity for people who are passionate about improving health care to work together.

Over the course of a weekend, you have the chance to pitch what you see as the healthcare challenges in our region and contribute to what could potentially solve these issues.

Applicants do not have to work in health care and there is no cost to participate. 


And we have one common goal: improving health care.

Central to the Code Hack weekend is the 24-hour sprint.

Once our participants have formed small working groups (around 5/6 people) and chosen the projects they want to work on (you also pitch these project ideas), they then have 24 hours to create solutions. This may be an app, it may be a care pathway, it may be signage, a website, or something for a treatment room, anything goes, YOU get to decide! 
Winners receive opportunities to further develop their prototypes with Island Health’s Innovation Lab and other community partners.