Code Hack 2024

Code Hack 2024

At Code Hack, teams join to create, build, design, advocate and innovate solutions to help patients and their caregivers.

Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, coaches, mentors, judges and sponsors who joined Code Hack 2024! Visit this web page for updates on the event. 

What is a hackathon? 

Our hackathon is an opportunity for people who are passionate about improving health care to work together.

Over the course of a weekend, you have the chance to pitch what you see as the healthcare challenges in our region and contribute to what could potentially solve these issues.

Applicants do not have to work in health care and there is no cost to participate. 


And we have one common goal: improving health care.

Central to the Code Hack weekend is the 24-hour sprint.

Once our participants have formed small working groups (around 5/6 people) and chosen the projects they want to work on (you also pitch these project ideas), they then have 24 hours to create solutions. This may be an app, it may be a care pathway, it may be signage, a website, or something for a treatment room, anything goes, YOU get to decide!

Winners receive opportunities to further develop their prototypes with Island Health’s Innovation Lab and other community partners.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Code Hack.

Read below to learn more about three of the teams who were finalists in the 2023 event.

You can also see an album of photos from the event and check out a video of the hackathon

Team End PJ Paralysis

Coming in third place with a $750 prize, was Team End PJ Paralysis who worked on a tool, similar to a smart watch, that connects to an app and tracks movement of patients, to encourage activity such as getting up and getting dressed to reduce fatigue and body deterioration. This could support existing research which shows benefits when patients dress in their own clothes, and try physical activity when recovering from illness or injury. 

team pj paralysis.jpg

Team MyER

In second place, earning a $1,000 prize was Team MyER, who proposed a new app for patients to download that would provide unique information to them via a QR code to help with their understanding of perceived wait times for procedures and curated information related to their reason for admission.

team my er at podium.jpg


Their solution presented bedside toilet alternatives to help patients manage washroom functions and mobility issues with dignity and improved cleanliness. This team chose to work together on a solution to a common, yet somewhat neglected patient experience that has seen little innovation in decades. This team clearly identified an existing problem or issue in healthcare, supported it with compelling and passionate first-hand experiences, and worked to create a better, innovative, and practical solution to improve the patient experience.