Code of Conduct & Policies

Island Health's Vision, Mission and Values guide our delivery of care and service. Included in these is Island Health’s commitment to integrity, accountability and ethics.

If you have a patient concern, please contact our Quality Care office.

The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines intended to support ethical behaviour and decision making for all employees at Island Health. To ensure our values are maintained, we have developed policies and procedures that address specific circumstances. These include but are not limited to:

Workplace Conduct

Respectful Workplace
Conflict of Interest

Fair Business Policies

Fair Business 
Vendor Complaint Review Procedure 
Vendor Complaint Review Form

Confidentiality and Privacy

Privacy Rights of Personal Information 
Security of Electronic Information 
Third Party, Island Health Business and Other Non-Personal Information 
Release of Patient Information to Law Enforcement Personnel 
Information and Data Governance 
Data Classification Scheme 
Maintaining Respect for Individuals During Recording Activities

Breach Assessment Reporting and Incident Management Tool

External Communications 

Acceptable Use of Assets and Resources 
Remote Access 
Mobile Computing 
Social Media Use by Employees

Safe Reporting / Whistle Blowing 

Theft, Fraud, Corruption and Non-Compliant Activities 
Whistle Blowing/Safe Reporting  

You can safely report a case of wrongdoing to Island Health any time by phone or by email. Your reporting will be received in good faith and treated confidentially.