Catherine Claiter-Larsen

catherine-cl.pngVice President, Strategy and Chief Information Officer

As Vice President of Strategy and Chief Information Officer, Catherine is responsible for translating the organization’s vision and strategic framework into action; and advancing key enablers to support the organization in achieving its commitment to Excellence.

In this capacity, Catherine provides executive oversight in three major areas: 

  1. Strategy Management - including Planning, Performance Monitoring and Decision Support, and Enterprise Project Management; 
  2. Advancement of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Safe Medication Systems -   including regional Pharmacy Services, Clinical Informatics, Health Information Management, and major capital projects such as IHealth; and 
  3. Information Technology (IT) and Innovation - including Virtual Care, Technology Management, Clinical Solutions Engineering, and Innovation Acceleration.

Catherine brings over 15 years of Executive leadership experience at Island Health to this role, as well as knowledge and skills from her career-long involvement in strategic planning, EHR-related transformation initiatives, and IT operations. Catherine previously held progressive leadership roles at the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario; and worked with healthcare Boards and senior leadership teams in the United States, and Canadian National, Provincial, and local levels in her capacity as a strategy consultant. 

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Science from the University of Victoria, and is actively involved in a number of national and local Health Informatics and Innovation-related committees and organizations. Catherine lives in Victoria with her husband and two children.


To contact Catherine, please contact her assistant.

Sophie Shackleton