Performance Measures

Island Health continually monitors and tracks data and information to assess how well the organization is meeting its goals and objectives. The following performance measures:

  • are relevant and easy to understand
  • reflect Island Health-wide performance
  • are based on reliable data
  • change over time to reflect current performance and priorities

Each performance measure relates to Island Health’s goals and objectives as well as high-level goals the Ministry of Health establishes for the health system in our annual Health Service Plan

Improve the Experience, Quality, and Outcomes of Health and Care Services for Patients, Clients, and Families

Patient Concerns Completed

Same Day Surgical Postponements

Home Support Visits Cancelled by Island Health

Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio

Clostridium Difficile Disease

Hospital Harm - Overall

Patient Safety Events with Completed Reviews

Left Emergency Without Being Seen

Long-term Care Wait Time

Surgeries Waiting Longer Than Clinical Benchmark

MRI Exams Meeting Benchmarks

CT Exams Meeting Benchmarks

Home Care Professional Services Meeting Benchmarks

Potential Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotics in Long-term Care

Worsening Stage 2-4 Pressure Ulcers in Long-term Care

Wait Time in ED for an Inpatient Bed

Length of Stay vs. Expected Length of Stay in Acute Care

Alternate Level of Care

Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Hospitalization

Improve the Experience, Health, and Well-being of People Working and Volunteering at Island Health

Sick Time

Time Loss Claims Rate

Days Lost

Long-Term Disability


Employee Turnover

Increase Health System Value and Ensure the Sustainability of Health and Care Services

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Financial Reporting

Improve the Health and Wellness of the Population

Drinking Water Quality

7 Year Childhood Immunization Coverage

Toxic Drug Deaths

Self-Harm Hospitalizations

Hospitalizations Entirely Caused by Alcohol

Life Expectancy Disparity Ratio

Age-Standardized Incidence of Diabetes

Infant Mortality