Performance Measures

Island Health continually monitors and tracks data and information to assess how well the organization is meeting its goals and objectives. The following performance measures:

  • are relevant and easy to understand
  • reflect Island Health-wide performance
  • are based on reliable data
  • change over time to reflect current performance and priorities

Each performance measure relates to goals and strategies outlined in the Island Health Strategic Plan as well as high-level goals the Ministry of Health establishes for the health system.

Quality and Patient Safety

Services are considered appropriate when they meet the patients', clients' and residents' needs and are proven to produce health benefits.

Performance Measures (PDFs)

Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSC) 
Clostridium Difficile Disease 
Daily Physical Restraint Use in Residential Care 
Falls in Last 30 Days in Residential Care 
Hand Hygiene Compliance 
Hospital Standardized Mortality 
Left Emergency Without Being Seen by Physician 
Potential Inappropriate Antipsychotics in Residential Care 
Readmissions, Mental Illness and Substance Use 
Worsening Pain in Residential Care 
Worsening Stage 2-4 Pressure Ulcers in Residential Care

Useful Links

Perinatal Services BC Annual Indicators 
Provincial Infection Control Network of BC (PICNet) Surveillance Reports

Patient Flow

Ensuring patients are admitted, treated, transferred as appropriate and discharged in a safe and timely way is a priority for Island Health. 

Performance Measures (PDFs)

Acute Care Occupancy 
Acute Length of Stay 
Alternate Level of Care 
Admitted Emergency Visits LOS in ED 
Emergency Visits Not Admitted 75+ 
Residential Care Admissions

Useful Links

Patient Flow and Care Transitions Strategy 2013-2018

Wait Times

Reducing wait times is a priority for Island Health while we strive to consistently meet clinical standards in providing care.

Performance Measures (PDFs)

CT Exams Wait Times 
MRI Wait Times 
Home Care Professional Services 
Hip Fracture Repair within 48 Hours 
Elective Surgeries within 26 Weeks

Useful Links

BC Ministry of Health Surgical Wait Times

Work Life

Recruiting, supporting and retaining healthy, safe and competent staff and physicians is necessary to ensure effective, quality health care services for the people and communities we serve.

Performance Measures (PDFs)

Sick Time 
Staff Overtime Rate 
Time Loss Injury 
WorkSafeBC Claim Duration 
Long Term Disability Claims 
Relief Found 
Staff Turnover


Please visit our Financial Reporting page for the latest financial reports.

Annual (PDFs)

Communities with Healthy Living Plan 
Life Expectancy Disparity Ratio 
Age-Standardized Incidence Diabetes 
Age-Standardized Hospitalization Rates 
7 Year Childhood Immunization Coverage 
Infant Mortality 
Acute Patient Experience 
Hours of Care Per Resident Day 
Emergency Visits 75+