Information Stewardship, Access & Privacy

Caring for Information is Caring for People

Effective information stewardship is important to us at Island Health.

Securing and ensuring the confidentiality of personal and business information is everyone's responsibility. In today's increasingly complex health environment, however, understanding the "rules and regulations" that apply to health information and records can sometimes be a bumpy road.

That's where the Information Stewardship, Access & Privacy (ISAP) Office can assist. ISAP oversees the information and privacy practices of Island Health and ensures that they are in compliance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The ISAP Office can assist you with:

  • understanding your access and privacy rights
  • understanding how Island Health cares for your personal information
  • understanding how to submit a request to access or correct your health records
  • submitting a request to obtain a copy of other types of records maintained by Island Health such as corporate, licensing or environmental, etc.
  • investigating and responding to suspected privacy breaches

Contact a Freedom of Information Officer

List of Freedom of Information (FOI) Officers who can process your request, depending on where and what types of records you are requesting.

FOI Officers Contact List

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