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Curious to learn more about a health topic? We maintain an up-to-date and accurate source of health information on a variety of important health topics relating to services that we provide. It’s a great place to get started and increase your knowledge. 

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We respond to reports of abuse or neglect of adults who cannot obtain help on their own because of certain physical or mental conditions.
Learn more about preventing and treating stroke and maintaining a healthy brain.
Information on screening, detection, treatment and recovery for those dealing with breast cancer and breast health.
The use, purchase and possession of cannabis for non-medical use is legal for adults in Canada on October 17, 2018.
From mental health to nutrition, find information related to every age and stage of children's health and wellness.
Information about COVID-19, how to protect yourself, your family and your community and what to do if you suspect you have the virus.
Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects a growing number of North Americans.
Disabilities affect every age, race, and gender. Island Health is committed to improving accessibility and supporting happy, healthy, independent lives for those living with disabilities.  
Information about diseases and conditions affecting physical and mental health.
Drinking water legislation, water monitoring and complaints, water sampling results and what to do during a boil water notice.
Emergencies can be directly health-related, such as pandemic influenza, or related to events that have health consequences, such as earthquakes.
Hospice palliative care, also called end-of-life care, includes a range of services for dying people of all ages, including children, and their families.
Tips and reports on understanding what is happening in our environment and staying safe.
This page provides information on eye (ocular) surgery and eye (ophthalmology) procedures available through Island Health.
If you wish to operate a food premises, you must submit an application to the local 
Washing your hands is an effective way to prevent the spread of infectious disease.
Head lice are common in BC communities. Although they are a bother, head lice are not a health risk.
Island Health offers healthy eating and medical nutrition therapy expertise across Vancouver Island.
From exercise to nutrition to mindfulness, find tips and resources for healthy living on Vancouver Island.
The Heart Health Program at Island Health is well known in Canada for quality care and leadership. Together, we help patients manage their heart health.
HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that weakens your immune system.
Hoarding can be a medical condition that requires mental health treatment.
A range of housing support services to eligible clients living in the community.
Vaccines let people live free of the illness and disability associated with preventable diseases. Understand how, where and when to get immunized. 
We work together with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to maintain and improve the health of Indigenous people living within Island Health's service area.
Hand hygiene, proper environmental cleaning and correct adherence to all infection prevention and control principles are effective ways to prevent the transmission of infection.  
Island Health labs have a full complement of specialized lab physicians that provide consultation for patients and physicians.
Respiratory Health provides multidisciplinary care for adult outpatients and inpatients who have lung diseases.
Medical assistance in dying is legal in Canada. Learn more.
What you need to know if you have been prescribed certain medications.
Find information about mental health and substance use to help you and your loved ones.
Based out of The Queen Alexandra Centre, and known as QAOPS, we help people overcome mobility difficulties.