Job Opportunities and Temporary Incentives

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Job Opportunities 

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Temporary Employee Incentives 

There are several temporary incentives for Island Health employees who work in the North Vancouver Island region including: 

  • a Retention Incentive
  • travel incentives, and
  • an Enhanced Referral Incentive.

The temporary retention incentive provides all employees working in North Vancouver Island in regular status positions up to $2,000 per quarter based on their productive hours worked, with a maximum incentive payable to $8,000 annually. 

A $10,000 signing bonus may be available for qualified medical laboratory technologists.

The travel incentives provides employees who are redeployed to a North Vancouver Island worksite that requires travel of 40 kilometers or greater from their primary worksite to be eligible for the following incentives: 

  • 1.5x premium pay for the duration of the shift if it would otherwise be paid at straight time 
  • Mileage and meals as per Island Health’s Reimbursement of Travel Expenses; and 
  • Accommodations and other travel expenses may also be paid by Island Health, where applicable. 

The temporary enhanced employee referral incentive is for eligible North Vancouver Island site referrals where employees will receive a cash incentive when they refer a successful candidate to a difficult to fill vacancy in an eligible worksite. To be eligible for the incentive, the referrer must be a current Island Health employee.

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