Governed by a board of directors and led by an executive team, Island Health delivers its services through two main organizational structures:

Integrated Health Services clinical portfolios:

On May 8, 2018 Island Health’s President and CEO Kathy MacNeil announced a new executive structure for Island Health. Portfolio charts on this page are currently being updated to reflect the structure announced on May 8.

Geography 1
Geography 2 
Geography 3 
Geography 4 
Portfolio M - Population and Community Health 
Portfolio S - Surgical Services Org Chart

Corporate and Strategic Services portfolios:

Communications, Planning, and Partnerships 
Innovation and Analytics
Finance, Legal Services and Risk
Medicine, Quality and Academic Affairs
Operations and Support Services 
Public and Environmental Health 

Island Health is realigning its program, service and administrative structures to a more geographic, community-based model.  For more information, please read our Island Health Geographic Realignment Summary.

If you are looking for a specific program or department org chart, please contact that department directly, or send a request via:

If you are an employee at Island Health, you can also access information about the organization on the Intranet.  

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