Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning

The Centre for Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Learning is a technologically-advanced simulation centre designed for interprofessional learning and patient-centred care. 

Developed in partnership by Island Health, the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, the Centre offers clinical simulation learning sessions customized by local educators and practice professionals to address realities that reflect health care in the Island Health region.

Clinical simulation is the use of technology, equipment and expertise to create guided experiences that replicate dynamic, complex and unanticipated medical situations.  

Our labs and equipment include:

  • three simulation laboratories replicating an operating room, a critical care unit and a patient care room
  • two control rooms that technicians use to remotely program a mannequin to simulate a wide range of unanticipated medical situations that help learners acquire relevant skills under pressure
  • mannequins powered by wireless technology that breathe, talk, bleed, cough, and moan when in pain
  • a videoconferencing and debriefing room for instruction and discussion before and after simulation sessions

Our user groups include medical students and residents; nursing students; practicing professionals and health researchers, midwifery students, as well as other learners from the community.