Wellness Centre- Comox Valley Hospital

Located at the North Island Hospital, Comox Valley campus, the Wellness Centre provides a variety of outpatient and chronic disease management services and classes.

The Wellness Centre is a full service community chemotherapy centre and delivers outpatient oral and parenteral cancer chemotherapy as well as provides medical and nursing support for cancer patients.

The Centre is typically staffed with community physicians who are general oncologists, internists, General Practitioners in Oncology (GPO), chemotherapy-certified oncology nurse, oncology-experienced pharmacists and pharmacy staff. Referring physicians are required to complete a Community Oncology Network referral for the transfer of care.

Staff are able to manage all types of outpatient IV and oral chemotherapy protocols including first-cycle and trained in the care and management of central venous access devices.


Indigenous Liaison Nurses

Phone: 250-331-5900, ext. 65308
Fax: 250-331-5981

Bone and Joint Clinic

Phone: 250-331-5900, ext. 65560
Fax: 250-331-5984

Diabetes Education

Phone: 250-331-5964, Ext 65302
Fax: 250-331-5903

Hip and Knee Clinic

Phone: 250-331-5900 ext 65179
Fax:  250-331-5903

Medical Daycare

Phone: 250-331-5967, Ext. 65358
Fax:  250-331-5986

Minor Day Procedures

Please call Medical Daycare for bookings.

North Island Eating Disorders

Phone: 250-331-5963, Ext. 65301
Fax:  250-331-5903

Ophthalmology Clinic

Contact office of Ophthalmologist for information

Outpatient Clinics

Kidney Clinic (Dr. Booth)
Physiatry (Dr. Pierce) 
Haematology Clinic (Dr. Wass)
VICAN (Vancouver Island Children Assessment Network
Rheumatology Clinic (Dr. Sheriff)
Palliative Pain Management Clinic

Psychiatric Outpatients Services

Phone: 250-331-5963, Ext. 65301
Fax: 250-331-5903


Wound Care Nurse

Phone: 250-331-5900
Fax: 250-331-5903

101 Lerwick Road
Courtenay, BC V9N 0B9

250-331-5900 Ext.65303
Hours of Operation

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday to Friday