James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Location and hours of operation 

James Bay Community Project, 
547 Michigan Street,
8 a.m. - 8 p.m. every day. Check Medimap for current wait times. 

COVID-19 precautions

Due to COVID-19 , patients are asked to call ahead, when possible. Unannounced patients will be greeted by a patient ambassador (nurse) at the entrance of the UPCC. They will determine the best way to support the visitor through a virtual or in-person visit.

Services for patients

Everyone is welcome to access urgent care at the James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre. 

The UPCC offers a variety of primary care services including urgent same-day access to primary care and mental health and substance use services provided by a team of family practitioners, nurse practitioners, nurses and mental health and substance use clinicians.

Residents of the James Bay/Fairfield are also eligible to apply for attachment to a primary care provider at the UPCC. Attachment means that the centre has their patient files, does follow ups, and acts as their primary care provider.

Update on attachment requests (December 2020)

We appreciate your patience as we work through the attachment registration requests. 

There is currently an estimated eleven month turnaround time from receiving a request to contacting people for intake appointments. We apologize for this inconvenience and understand how important this is to people in our community. 

So far, we have placed 2,100 residents with a primary care provider and we are still accepting requests. Please see the information below which explains how to apply.

Request for attachment at James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Here is how to start a request to see if a local resident is eligible to become an attached patient at the James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre.

Step 1:   

Residents of the James Bay/Fairfield area who meet the eligibility requirements can fill in the registration form 

Step 2:   

You will be contacted by an Island Health representative to verify your information.

Step 3:

The clinic will review the resident's eligibility to be a patient at the clinic, and contact the resident to schedule an intake appointment if they meet the requirements.

Intake appointments will not be booked until proof of address/eligibility is confirmed. See the eligibility criteria below. 

This may take some time, so please be patient. The clinic will also contact patients who are not eligible.


More information about the James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre

What does “attachment” mean?

Attachment means a person has a designated primary care clinic which has their patient files, does follow up, and acts as their primary care provider. Residents who get attached to the James Bay UPCC will be able to make appointments with the care providers at the clinic, which will become their primary care provider.

Who is eligible to get attached to the James Bay Urgent and Primary Care Centre?

Residents in James Bay and some in Fairfield (see map showing boundaries) will be eligible to be attached to the clinic and book appointments. Residents will need official identification such as a BC Services Card (i.e. Care Card), drivers’ licence, BC Identification Card) or a utility bill to show they live in the area eligible.



I have a family doctor or nurse practitioner already but I want to be attached to the James Bay UPCC. What are my options?

Residents who currently have a family doctor or nurse practitioner cannot apply for attachment to the James Bay UPCC.

Exceptions to this criteria include:
• If a resident has a family doctor or nurse practitioner who practices over 10 km from their home and they want to be seen at a clinic closer to home;
• If a resident has not seen their family doctor or nurse practitioner in the last two years or:
• If the resident has been notified of their family doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s upcoming retirement.

Can my family also get attached at the James Bay UPCC if I am eligible?

First degree relatives (e.g. children, parents, spouses/partners) living in the same James Bay or Fairfield household are also eligible for attachment. A range of criteria are considered when prioritizing attachment, including patients’ medical needs and complexity.
Attachment is not solely based on “first come, first served”.

If I become attached to the clinic, can I request a specific doctor or nurse?

While people are not able to request a specific health care provider, they can say whether they prefer a male or female provider when booking appointments.

How long will it take to get attached to the clinic if I’m eligible?

Attachment times will vary depending on demand and availability of nurse practitioners and doctors at the clinic. Staff at the clinic won’t be able to give an estimate of wait times.

547 Michigan Street
Victoria, B.C.

Hours of Operation

Daily 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 


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