What to Know Before Visiting Our Locations

If you are visiting and feel unwell, please do not visit until you are feeling better.

Information for families of those living in Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Sites

Please read more to learn about information on social visits at Long Term Care and Assisted Living sites. 

Pet Policy

For the health & safety of our patients, staff and your pet, please do not bring animals with you or leave them alone in your vehicle. Seeing Eye Dogs and Certified Assistance Dogs are allowed in our facilities. Approved Therapy Animals may be allowed in some areas. Please refer to our Pet Policy for details.

To find information about parking at our sites, see Our Locations page to find the site you are visiting. 

Here are more details about coming to our sites:

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Your Care

For advice on preparing for a specific procedure, please ask your doctor or care provider.

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When you receive care from us, we collect personal information about you. Please read our Privacy Notice.

Home is Best

Island Health provides many services in the community to help seniors with complex care needs return home to heal after a hospital stay.

Home is the best place to recover once an acute illness has resolved. Home is the best place to stay active and connected to your family, friends and community, and the best place to decide on your next steps for care.

The Let’s Get You Home booklet provides patients and their caregivers with information to help them transition from hospital to home. 

What you can do:

When you are in hospital, talk to your health care providers about going home to heal and about any concerns you have.

Let your health care team know about supports you have to help you when you get home.

Plan to go home before making any life-changing decisions about your living arrangements, such as making a move to long-term care.