Financial Resources

Following medical events, procedures or surgeries, you may:

  • be advised not to return to work for a period of time to make sure you heal
  • need to travel to and from your treatment location
  • be prescribed medications that result in expenses

This may be financially challenging for you and your family. Here are some resources that may be available to you:

Your Workplace

Check with your employer or Human Resource department to learn about benefits that you may apply for, such as:

  • Extended Health Plans
  • Short Term Disability (STD)
  • Long Term Disability (LTD)

Your employer may need medical documentation from your physician. If your employer provides an extended health plan, you may be able to access assistance for extra costs due to necessary travel, accommodation and medications.

Plans vary. Review with your employer to see what may be available for you.

Federal Programs

Benefits from Provincial Programs

Your Personal Financial Arrangements

Personal Loans / Lines of Credit

If you have a loan or line of credit that is insured, you may be eligible for an illness/disability provision if you provide medical documentation. Check with your bank manager or loans officer. Your line of credit may be frozen if you access funds during the duration of your illness.

Credit Cards

If you opted for insurance on your credit card, you will need to provide medical documentation and will usually be required to make minimum monthly payments. Check with your credit card company. Your credit card may be frozen during the duration of your illness if you choose the illness/disability provision.

Mortgage Loans

Check with your mortgage officer to see if your mortgage is insured for illness/disability.

Medical documentation will be required.

Please note: The links on this page will take you to programs not managed by Island Health. Please contact each program directly for information and to determine your eligibility.