Connecting to public WiFi

How to connect to Island Health public WiFi (at sites where it is available):

  1. From your mobile (wireless) device, open up the list of available wireless networks.
  2. Select the wireless network "IslandHealthGuestWiFi".
  3. The device should begin connecting. This may take a few seconds.
  4. A browser window will open up automatically showing a User Acceptance Policy.
  5. Read the terms of use. Scroll to the bottom. If you agree, click "Accept".
  6. Your device should now be connected to the wireless network and be able to connect to internet sites.

Terms and conditions:

  • The wireless service is not encrypted.
  • Users should take precaution to protect their data and use the service at their own risk. 
  • Family friendly content filters may restrict some content and limit those services that take up a high amount of bandwidth (e.g. streaming media). This is in order to ensure that limited bandwidth is equally shared among all users. 
  • All users have to accept Terms of Use before connecting to the wireless service. 

Are you an Island Health staff member wanting to connect to WiFi?

There is a staff WiFi service at many Island Health locations. If you are a staff member, and the service is available at your site, please connect to the staff WiFi to keep access and connection speeds optimal for public users. Read more about connecting to staff WiFi. (Link requires logging into the intranet).