Wascana Group Home

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Wascana Group Home

Service Provider: Island Health 

Funder: Island Health 

The purpose of this housing program is to support individuals who have persistent mental health symptoms and are stabilizing. These clients are able to live semi-independently but require a higher level of support with activities of daily living, nursing and mental health. 

Wascana Group Home can support clients who also have mild-moderate chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and chronic lung and kidney diseases, as long as their care can be managed in a community setting and does not require frequent or unscheduled nursing care.

Wascana Group Home is licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

See inspection reports about this facility.


Access and Referral Information:

Please visit this web page to learn about access and referrals to Wascana Group Home.


Program Criteria:

 • Clients must be 19 years or older and require 24-hour care.
• The client’s primary care need is related to a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental health illness.
• Alcohol or recreational drug use is discouraged and substances are not permitted on site.
• Clients must be willing to actively participate in rehabilitation and recovery plans.
• TB screening/testing


Building features and description:

The building is a house in Victoria with six rooms. There are three rooms on each of the two floors. Every floor has a shared bathroom. The bedrooms have an average-sized closet, a bed, a stand-up dresser and bedside table with a locking drawer. There is no storage space. Clients may bring their own television, computer, or small items. Clients are welcome to use their own pillows and linens.

The main floor has a dining area and living room which are combined and act as common areas for residents. There is an activity room for clients to do art, play games, and read. The laundry room is on this floor and the outdoor area is all one level. There is a garden and a small yard for clients. There is a phone line for clients for local calls.



• One mental health worker available at all times - 24/7 weekdays and weekends
• One Registered Nurse available Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
• One on-call Registered Nurse available weekends 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (at a different care site)
• One coordinator available Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Financial support:

Many people 64 years and under receive Persons with Disability (PWD) income from the BC Ministry of Social Development. If this applies to clients at Wascana Group Home, the program per diem (daily fee) will be arranged to be paid directly by the Ministry.

Eligible clients 65 years or older who receive federal benefits (e.g. Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplements (GIS) are responsible to make the per diem payments).

At the request of their legal representative (e.g. Power of Attorney or Public Guardian and Trustee) clients can get assistance to manage and administer their finances.

Financial support for medical equipment and supplies is guided by disability benefits, Pharmacare coverage, and Island Health policies.


Length of stay:

Length of stay is dependent on client need. If care needs or individual behavior go beyond what one staff member can manage safely, a referral to a higher level of care may be necessary. Likewise, if a client no longer needs 24 hour staff support a referral to a lower level of care will be made.




The main floor is fully accessible including the bathroom. The first floor shower is accessible by “roll in” and there are grab bars with a high toilet.

Bus Route/Transit

Assistance is provided to obtain a bus pass or HandyDART services.

Visitors and Caregivers

No overnight visitors. Clients can inform staff when a visitor is expected.  Visitors must remain in common areas with the exception of family who may visit in client rooms.  Guests may stay for a meal when prearranged with staff.

Spiritual Care

Individual lifestyle choices such as social, cultural and spiritual beliefs will be respected and supported. There is no religious service provided in the home. Seasonal holidays are celebrated by decorating and having special meals. Staff support clients to engage in offsite spiritual activities by assisting to organize transportation and scheduling.

Pet Policy

Pets are not permitted.

Smoking Policy

No smoking or vaping indoors. Smoking is permitted outside, in the designated open air area only. Recreational cannabis use is not permitted. Medical cannabis use will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but must be smoked off-site only. 

Safety/Security Features

Monitored entry, staff office is near the front door and doors are locked at night.  No security cameras.  Staff are trained for the event of earthquake, fire, and disaster.  On-site staff are responsible for organizing snow removal via contracted maintenance provider.  The house is equipped with smoke detectors and sprinklers. Fire drills are held monthly.  

Any Other Amenities

Mental Health supports:
Mental status monitoring, PSR activity groups, goal setting, skill building, individualized care planning

Social supports: 
Individuals must have access to a Psychiatrist, general practitioner GP or Nurse Practitioner (NP), and will be referred to medical services in the community. This includes optometry, physiotherapy, dental care, podiatry. Staff assist with referrals, appointments and transportation.

Recovery programming on site:
Psychosocial-Rehabilitation (PSR) Model of care. Independent living skill-building, goal setting. Clients are encouraged to find volunteer and/or gainful employment.

Nursing/medical supports:
RN/RPN Nursing on-site Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., but time off may be replaced by MHW if alternate nurse not available. During these times, a nurse at another MHSU Residential site will be available for assistance and consultation.

Medication supports:
Medication support by onsite nurse and staff. Clients must be able to self-administer their own insulin.

Personal hygiene:
Staff can provide some light personal care assistance for scheduled activities such as shower standby, hair-washing, etc. Clients must be able to transfer and toilet themselves independently

Three meals and two snacks a day are provided. Client participation is required to prepare their individual breakfast while lunch is provided and participation is encouraged. Clients are each assigned one night a week to prepare dinner for the other clients, with support from staff. Menus are regulated and approved by a Community Care officer. Individual likes and dislikes are considered. Alternative choices will be provided for therapeutic/medical and culturally appropriate diets.

Education, prompting, support, and daily room checks are provided by onsite staff. Level of staff support is based on client need.

Education, prompts, support, and daily checks are provided by onsite staff. Level of staff support is based on client need. There is no extra charge for laundry.


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