Sandringham Care Centre

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Sandringham Care Centre

Service Provider: AgeCare
Funder: Island Health


The purpose of this program is to provide stabilization and individualized care planning for older adults with mental illnesses in a supportive environment. The program promotes self-determination and wellness to enhance successful reintegration into the community through a psychosocial rehabilitation model of care.

This facility is licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. See inspection reports about this facility.

Access and Referral Information:

Admission to this site is through a Tertiary Mental Health referral from a Seniors Mental Health team and Geriatric Psychiatrist.

Program Criteria:

• 75 years and older
• The exception criteria for accepting patients under the age of 75 is the presence of an age-related progressive MNCD and/or significant frailt
• The patient’s primary psychiatric diagnosis requires ongoing psychiatric treatment, but can be managed with weekly geriatric psychiatrist visits.
• There is potential for stabilization and rehabilitation and a need to optimize discharge planning to the community or alternate level of care

Building features and description:

There are 46 rooms. There is a main floor and a lower level with level entry on the main floor and stairs leading to the lower level. All resident rooms are on the main floor.

There are 12 rooms with private en-suite washrooms. There are 34 rooms that share a two-piece washroom. Each of the three hallways has a spa that contains one common shower and one bath tub (three in total).

The bedrooms have a bed, a stand-up dresser including drawers and a locking drawer, and a bedside table. There is no storage locker/space. Residents may bring their own television, computer, or small items and are responsible for installation and invoicing from Shaw cable. The use of personal pillows and/or linens is welcome.

Pets are welcome to visit the resident but must be accompanied by a responsible person and must be supervised at all times.

There is an outdoor patio and back yard. Two dining rooms double as activity rooms with TVs; the third dining room provides a quiet, low-stimulus atmosphere. A client portable phone line is available for local calling.  


  • On-site nursing care 24 / 7
  • Geriatric psychiatrist and general practitioner
  • Daytime: Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, six Resident Care Attendants
  • Four Resident Care Attendants from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Afternoon/evenings: Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, five Resident Care Attendants (one RCA works 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and one RCA leaves at 9:00 p.m.)
  • Nights: Registered Nurse, two Resident Care Attendant’s
  • A Residential Care Coordinator (Licensed Practical Nurse) and Social Worker (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)
  • Weekly Dietitian 

Financial Support:

Many individuals 64 years and under receive Persons with Disability (PWD) income from the BC Ministry of Social Development. The program per diem (daily fee) will be arranged to be paid directly by The Ministry. Eligible clients 65 years or older are in receipt of federal benefits e.g. Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplements (GIS) and are responsible to make the per diem payments.

Clients are assisted to manage and administer their finances at the request of the client or their legal representative e.g. POA, PGT. Financial support for medical equipment and supplies is guided by Disability benefits, Pharmacare coverage, and Island Health policies.

Over the counter medications are not covered and are the responsibility of the client or their legal representative.

Length of stay:

Length of stay is dependent on client need. Substitute decision makers and family members are involved in all discussions regarding a client’s changing care needs, treatment plans, and level of stabilization. The client will be discharged once they have been assessed by the interdisciplinary team as able to function in an alternate setting such as: a long-term care facility, mental health group home, an assisted living facility, etc.


Sandringham is fully accessible to all mobility aid requirements. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are not permitted.

Bus Route/Transit

Assistance is provided in obtaining a bus pass or HandyDART services. Transportation to medical appointments can also be facilitated by private companions that are paid by clients and/or their Power of Attorney.

Visitors and Caregivers

No overnight visitors. Clients can inform staff when a visitor is expected. Guests may stay for a meal when prearranged with staff. Guests must sign in to the visitor binder at the nursing station.

Spiritual Care

Individual lifestyle choices such as social, cultural and spiritual beliefs will be respected and supported. Seasonal holidays are celebrated by decorating and having special meals.

There are religious and spiritual services available throughout each month. Pastoral visitation or counseling by the chaplain is available upon request. Staff support clients to engage in offsite spiritual activities by assisting to organize transportation.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome to visit the resident but must be accompanied by a responsible person and must be supervised at all times.

Smoking Policy

No smoking on the premises, indoor or outdoor.

Safety/Security Features

Exterior and interior front doors are secured, alarmed, and the building is monitored through Price's Alarms. For safety and security purposes, only staff are permitted the door codes. Clients may exit with assistance from staff and regain entry via a doorbell. Each hallway has fire exits that are alarmed 24 hours a day. Garden/patio is fenced. Staff are trained for the event of earthquake, fire, and disaster.  Snow removal services are contracted annually. The house is equipped with smoke detectors and sprinklers. Fire and emergency drills are conducted monthly. Clients, family members and visitors are oriented to fire safety procedures.

Any Other Amenities

Mental Health supports:

Mental health status monitoring and stabilization, goal setting, skill building, individualized care planning

Social supports: 

Individuals have access to a geriatric psychiatrist, general practitioner, and will be referred as needed to medical services in the community. This includes optometry, physiotherapy, dental care, podiatry. Staff assist with arranging appointments, referrals, and transportation.

Recovery programming on site:

Psychosocial-Rehabilitation (PSR) Model of care providing clients with stabilization, developing individualized program goals and promoting independence. Daily group activities are run by recreation assistants. Leaves such as vacations and overnights away with family are arranged on an individual needs’ basis with the geriatric psychiatrist.

Nursing/medical supports:

Nursing and HCAs on-site seven days per week, 24- hours per day.

Medication supports:

Medication administration and support by onsite nurses.

Personal hygiene:

Education/prompts and reminders. Staff can provide personal care assistance for scheduled activities such as shower standby, hair wash, etc. and unscheduled care needs.

All meals are prepared and cooked on site by the contracted service provider. Dietitian services are available, and menus are regulated and approved by a Community Care officer. Individual likes and dislikes are considered.  Alternative choices are provided for therapeutic/medical and culturally appropriate diets.
Housekeeping services are provided on site by the contracted service provider. Education, prompts, support, and room checks are provided by onsite staff. Clients have an assigned laundry and room cleaning day.

Laundry services using the industrial machines and labelling are provided on site by the contracted service provider. A personal washer/dryer is also available, and education, prompts, and support are provided. There is no charge for laundry. Level of staff support is provided based on individual needs.


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