Panama House

Service provider: Island Health
Funder: Island Health

Panama House is a program in Victoria that provides services for adults with long-term mental health conditions who want to live independently. While residents can manage some aspects of daily living on their own, they need extra support with daily activities, nursing and mental health care to live comfortably.

Panama House is staffed for 24/7 care with mental health workers and clinical staff. Clients with mild to moderate chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and chronic lung and kidney disease, are supported if care can be managed in a community setting and does not require unscheduled nursing care.

Panama House is licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. See inspection reports about this facility.

Eligibility criteria

  • Individuals are 19 years or older and require 24-hour care.
  • The primary care need is related to a diagnosis of severe and ongoing mental illness.
  • All substance use, including alcohol and cannabis, is discouraged and substances are not permitted on site.
  • Clients must be willing to actively participate in rehabilitation and recovery plans.
  • Completed Tuberculosis (TB) screening/testing.

Access and referral information

  • A clinician referral is required to access this program. 
  • If you or someone you care for are connected to a Mental Health and Substance Use team at Island Health, please ask about referral to this program. 
  • Your referring clinician and MHSU team will advise on the care option most suited to your needs.

Clients pay a per-diem (daily fee). The fee is determined based on client income.


Length of stay and levels of care depend on the resident needs.


Panama House is a six-room house located in Victoria. Each bedroom has a four-piece, ensuite bathroom with bathtub and shower. The bedrooms have an average-sized closet, bed, stand-up dresser and bedside table with a locking drawer. There is no storage space. Clients may bring their own television, computer, small items, pillows and bed linens.

The shared kitchen is on the main floor and a kitchenette is downstairs. There is a common area on each floor with a TV and space for clients to have activities. The laundry room is on the main floor and there is a level entry at the front door. Bathroom safety equipment can be added depending on the room/set-up. There is a phone line for clients for local calls.


Sooke Region, West Shore & Urban Greater Victoria