Cowichan Lodge Tertiary Mental Health Facility

Cowichan Lodge is a 51-bed Tertiary Mental Health facility specializing in tertiary-level mental health services to Vancouver Island clients, including pharmacological, biophysical and psychosocial treatments.

There are two wings:

  • 24-bed Seniors Tertiary MH unit
  • 27-bed Adult Tertiary MH unit

Both units are managed by Island Health’s Mental Health and Substance Use program. 

Access Services

Referrals to Cowichan Lodge are made by the local community to the Regional Coordinator for Access and Flow. These then come to the Central Access Committee for Tertiary Care where they are reviewed and a decision made as to whether the client should be admitted to Cowichan Lodge or Seven Oaks. 

All regions on Vancouver Island have access to beds based on geographic distribution by population. Once the referral is accepted the care team at Cowichan Lodge will work with the client, family and local care team to ensure all necessary information is gathered. 


Cowichan Lodge uses the psychosocial rehabilitation model. We believe that recovery is a process through which individuals improve their health and wellness, integrate with the community and attain a satisfying and self-directed quality of life. All programming and treatment decisions are based on this model.  

Cowichan Lodge care team

The best care and recovery is achieved with a multidisciplinary team approach. The highly trained and specialized staff at Cowichan Lodge consists of psychiatrists, registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, social workers, dieticians, licensed practical nurses, therapists, cooks and psychiatric rehabilitation workers.  

Recovery/ expectations for treatment

Cowichan Lodge offers individualized treatment plans to clients to allow them to live as independently as possible. Upon arrival clients will be asked to participate in a number of interviews and assessments to develop a full picture of strengths, medical and mental health issues, and goals they would like to achieve while in the program.

Clients and their care teams will develop a recovery plan. Recovery plan goals may be highly structured with a good deal of staff involvement, or may be lightly structured with minimal staff involvement. Personal and independent areas explored through this plan may consist of strengthening self-care, coping and social skills, including hygiene, grooming and appearance, nutrition, physical health and safety, symptom and stress management, problem solving, decision making, financial and home management, interpersonal skills and relationship skills.

Cowichan Lodge provides many therapeutic services so clients will have stability, support, and encouragement to significantly improve their mental health and work toward their goals. Although treatment plans are unique to each individual, the estimated duration of stay is six months to two years. We expect that clients will move into the community to become clients of secondary mental health services.  

Transition planning

Transition planning will begin prior to admission by the client’s mental health team. This plan will be updated by the Cowichan Lodge care team as soon as the client is stabilized and treatment goals are identified.

After their stay at Cowichan Lodge, clients will be transferred back to their referring communities for ongoing care and treatment. The care team will work with the client and the care team to ensure continuing and adequate treatment whenever possible. Continuity of care is important to facilitate the best possible recovery.

For immediate help or support

If you are in a situation that involves immediate risk of harm to self or others, please call 9-1-1.

For emotional support or assistance contact Vancouver Island 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-888-494-3888.

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Cowichan, Saanich Peninsula and Southern Gulf Islands