Eagle Rock Heights

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Eagle Rock Heights

Service Provider: Island Community Mental Health
Funder: Island Health


Eagle Rock Heights is a six resident, licensed care facility assisting young adults with mental illnesses. Residents are supported by a team of 17 staff including mental health workers and a Director of Care. The goal of this program is to assist and encourage residents to develop skills that will lead them to live full, rich lives independently in the community. This facility is licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. See inspection reports about this facility.


Access and Referral Information:

Visit this webpage to learn about access and referral information for Eagle Rock Heights


Program Criteria:

• The individual must be aged 19 to 35 and require 24-hour care.
• Primary care need is related to a diagnosis of severe and persistent mental health illness.
• Alcohol or recreational drug use is discouraged and substances are not permitted on site.
• Residents must be willing to actively participate in Rehabilitation and Recovery plans.
• TB screening/testing.


Building features and description:

The building is a house in Saanich. There are six private bedrooms located on two floors – a main floor, and a basement. There are four shared bathrooms. The bedrooms have an average closet with a locking safe, a bed, a stand up dresser, and a bedside table. There is no storage space. Residents do not bring their own furniture other than televisions, computers, or small items. Residents are welcome to use their own pillows and/or linens.

The first floor has the kitchen, a living room, and a dining area to accommodate six people. The laundry room is in the basement. There is a garden and a small yard for residents. A resident phone line is provided for local calling.



• One mental health worker on 24/7
• One Director of Licensed Care (RN) available Monday to Friday (hours will vary)
• One Manager of Licensed Care (LPN) available Tuesday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
• On-call Manager after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and 24 hours per day on weekends


Financial Support:

Many individuals 64 and under receive Persons with Disability (PWD) income from the BC Ministry of Social Development. The program per diem (daily fee) will be arranged to be paid directly by The Ministry. Eligible clients 65 years or older are in receipt of federal benefits e.g. Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplements (GIS) and are responsible to make the per diem payments.

Clients are assisted to manage and administer their finances at the request of the client or their legal representative e.g. POA, PGT. Financial support for medical equipment and supplies is guided by Disability benefits, Pharmacare coverage, and Island Health policies.


Length of stay:

Length of stay is dependent on resident needs with a goal of moving toward independent living within 2 years.   If care needs or individual behavior exceed what one staff member can manage safely, a referral to a higher level of care may be necessary. Likewise, residents may be referred to a lower level of care if they no longer need 24-hour staff support.

Any Other Amenities

Mental Health supports:
Mental health status monitoring, PSR activity groups, goal setting, skill building, individualized care planning

Social supports: 
Individuals must have access to a general practitioner GP or Nurse Practitioner (NP), and will be referred to medical services in the community. This includes optometry, physiotherapy, dental care, podiatry. Staff assist with making referrals,  appointments and transportation needed.

Recovery programming on site:
Psychosocial-Rehabilitation model. Independent living skill-building, goal setting. Clients are encouraged to find volunteer and/or gainful employment.

Nursing/medical supports:
Director of Licensed Care is an RN, Manager of Licensed Care is an LPN.  One of the two are onsite four days per week during business hours and when they are not onsite they are available by phone. 

Medication supports:
Medication support by onsite nurse and MHW’s. Injectable medications are administered by the nurse.

Personal hygiene:
Residents must be able to transfer and toilet themselves independently.

3 meals a day and two snacks are provided. Resident participation is required to prepare their individual breakfast while lunch is provided and participation is encouraged. Residents are each assigned one night a week to prepare dinner for the other residents, with support from staff.
Education, prompting, support, and daily room checks are provided by onsite staff. Residents are expected to participate in household chores.

Education, prompting, support, and daily checks are provided by onsite staff. There is no extra charge for laundry.