MyVirtualVisit is a secure video solution that enables visits with a healthcare provider from the comfort of home using a personal smartphone, tablet or computer. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out if a virtual appointment will meet your care needs. 

Updates to the MyVirtualVisit application: InTouch is now Teladoc Health

Our MyVirtualVisit application previously known as InTouch Patient is being renamed to Teladoc Health Patient. Ensure you have the latest version of our application prior to your virtual visit. 

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Technical Support and General Inquiries

This number is for the general public. Find technical support for healthcare providers.

1-844-442-4433 or 

MyVirtualVisit support is available Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. (excluding Statutory Holidays)

MyVirtualVisit and Your Device 

Depending on the device you plan to use for your MyVirtualVisit appointment, you may be required to download an application.  

If you are using a desktop computer (Mac or Windows) you have the choice to either download the app or continue using a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox); Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari browsers will NOT work.

iPhone and iPad users must download the app.

Android device users do not have an app to download at this time.  

Preparing for Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will need:

  • A personal email address you feel comfortable using to receive appointment detail
  • A personal computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera, microphone and speaker for you to see, talk to and hear your provider - including access to a power source.
  • A secure Internet or Wi-Fi connection (we recommend home Wi-Fi or internet connection). Be aware of your data plan to avoid unexpected charges.
  • A private space to attend the visit

Downloading and Installing the MyVirtualVisit App

Your virtual visit may require you to download our virtual care application. Ensure you have the latest version of the patient application for your chosen device prior to your appointment; see Downloading the MyVirtualVisit App.

Attending Your Appointment

Once you have prepared for your appointment and downloaded the required application, you are ready to attend your appointment. Join your appointment a few minutes early to test your audio and video, and to seek technical assistance if needed. 

Privacy and Security 

To support the privacy and security of your appointment, use a home WiFi or wired network and avoid using public WiFi connections (e.g. guest WiFi at a coffee shop).

If it is necessary to use public Wi-Fi connections, please ensure to review the terms of use when connecting, as they may specify the right to capture or your record information.

Privacy during your appointment

  • MyVirtualVisit is secure and encrypted. 
  • All transfer of data and video are safe from unauthorized access and kept confidential; 
  • MyVirtualVisit abides by national, provincial and Island Health Privacy and Security Standards;
  • MyVirtualVisit appointments will not be recorded.*

*If you plan to take or share photos, video or audio recordings, ensure you ask for and receive the permission of everyone who may be captured by the recording. Thank you for respecting people’s privacy rights.

Electronic Communications/Virtual Health Notification to clients: Potential Risks and How to Protect Your Information 

Benefits of MyVirtualVisit 

New to virtual care? Watch the video below to learn more about MyVirtualVisit and how it is transforming the way we provide care. 


General Information on MyVirtualVisit

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