MyVirtualVisit is a secure video solution allowing clients to use their personal smartphone, tablet or computer to meet with their healthcare provider from the comfort of their own home. 

Arranging a MyVirtualVisit Appointment

MyVirtualVisit services are available from a growing number of Island Health programs and providers as well as private practice physicians. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out if a virtual appointment will meet your care needs. If your care provider has recommended MyVirtualVisit for your appointment, see below information on how to prepare. 

MyVirtualVisit information for healthcare providers

Benefits of MyVirtualVisit 

  • Clients save time and money by eliminating travel to a care providers’ office or healthcare facility;
  • Family or friends can join clients in their virtual visit regardless of where they live; 
  • A new way for healthcare providers to better support their clients through improved access;
  • Healthcare providers are able to reach clients unable to travel away from their community;
  • Healthcare providers can connect and consult with other care providers regardless of location.

Privacy and Security 

MyVirtualVisit is secure and encrypted.

  • All transfer of data and video are safe from unauthorized access and kept confidential; 
  • MyVirtualVisit abides by national, provincial and Island Health Privacy and Security Standards;
  • MyVirtualVisit appointments will not be recorded.*

*If you plan to take or share photos, video or audio recordings, ensure you ask for and receive the permission of everyone who may be captured by the recording. Thank you for respecting people’s privacy rights.

Preparing for your Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will need:

  • A personal email address you feel comfortable using to receive appointment details; 
  • Access to a device, such as a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera, microphone and speaker for you to see, talk to and hear your provider;
  • A secure Internet or Wi-Fi connection (we recommend home Wi-Fi or internet connection);
  • A private space to attend the visit;
  • To complete a test of your audio and video connection.

To ensure the best video experience, please test your connection in advance by using the MyVirtualVisit Self-Test waiting room. You will have to click on  “Check In” to enter the waiting room, then click the button labelled “Test Connection”  to check that your camera is working and that your Internet connection is stable. Please ensure you are using a supported browser to access this waiting room; if you encounter a browser compatibility issue upon clicking on this link, please copy and paste this link into either Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Also Review How to prepare for and attend a MyVirtualVisit appointment and consent for use of your email and instructions for self-testing your video and internet connection to help you prepare for an upcoming MyVirtualVisit appointment.

Virtual care is your choice.  If you feel the virtual appointment does not meet your needs, you may ask to schedule a face-to-face appointment with your healthcare provider.

MyVirtualVisit Support 

For technical support or general inquiries, contact MyVirtualVisit Support*. 

Hours of operation: Daily 07:00-19:00
Contact: 1-888-519-1880 or

*Note: The quality of the video and audio connection depends on the devices and networks used by each participant in the MyVirtualVisit appointment. 

General Information on MyVirtualVisit

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