Virtual Palliative Supportive Care

Virtual Palliative Supportive Care (VPSC) provides support for palliative (end-of-life) care clients from the comfort of their home. It creates an additional connection between you and your local care team, using a computer tablet provided to you at no cost. 

How to participate in Virtual Palliative Supportive Care

This free service is available to individuals receiving palliative (end-of-life) care from Island Health Community Health Services (CHS). Talk to your Community Health Nurse to enroll. 

VPSC is currently available in the following areas 

  1. Mt. Waddington, Port Hardy, Port McNeill & surrounding areas
  2. Parksville, Qualicum & surrounding areas

To find out when VPSC is coming to your region, email

What’s involved in Virtual Palliative Supportive Care

Participation in this service only takes a few minutes each time. 

Easy to use equipment

We will provide you with a tablet and all of the tools you need to start monitoring. The equipment is personally delivered to your home and set up for you.

Health monitoring

You will answer  a  short  set  of  questions  to  help  evaluate  your  health. Your results and responses are automatically sent to your Community Health Nurse who monitors your condition and look for changes in your symptoms.

Connection with a nurse

You and your nurse will regularly connect by phone, videoconferencing, and in person to review how you are feeling and determine what supports are required to keep you comfortable. Your nurse also communicates with the rest of your care team including your physician.

Benefits of Virtual Palliative Supportive Care

VPSC helps your care team manage your changing health needs, and prevent unexpected admissions to hospital or emergency. You are supported at home, easing concerns as conditions change. Your caregivers, including family and friends, are included and connected in their roles, reducing stress and anxiety. Your community health team can better anticipate your needs and provide faster, more effective support. The equipment is very simple to use and help is only a phone call away.  

VPSC helps us support you better but does not replace our regular contact with you, including in home visits. In-home personal care is an important part of palliative care in the home. 

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General Information on Virtual Palliative Supportive Care

Referral Required?
How to Get Referral

This service is available to Community Health Services (CHS) clients. Talk to your Community Health Nurse to enroll. 

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