Breast Cancer & Breast Health Services

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Comprehensive, integrated breast health services are offered throughout the Island Health region. We work in collaboration with our partners at BC Cancer, Cancer Care, family physicians, general and plastic surgeons, the Alliance for Breast Cancer Information and Support, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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For information on breast cancer resources or the South Island Integrated Breast Cancer Program’s Centralized Referral and First Available Surgeon initiative, check out this page.

Mammography is a specific medical imaging method that uses low-energy x-rays to visualize the breast tissue in order to detect early signs of breast diseases, particularly breast cancer.
Every person is unique. Some people are comfortable talking about their breast cancer diagnosis and asking for help, while others prefer not to share the information widely.
The BC Cancer Agency’s Screening Mammography Program provides free, regular mammograms to BC women from the age of 40 without a doctor’s referral. 
Exercise is an important component of breast cancer recovery and risk reduction.
During your treatment and after, there are a variety of support systems to help you through your breast cancer journey.