Community Health Services

Senior and community health services caregiver

Welcome to Community Health Services.

We provide services in your home and in your community. If you’re facing challenges living safely and independently at home, we can help. 

Whether it's assistance with daily tasks like bathing and dressing, specialized nursing care, or support with physical rehabilitation, we can help reduce the need for hospital visits by providing you with proactive care and supports. 

For those unable to access specific clinics due to health concerns, our services bridge the gap, ensuring you receive care without disruption. 

Call our Community Access Line to access our services and programs. No doctor's referral is required.

Access our services with a simple phone call. No referral needed. Find cost and eligibility information on this page.
Access additional support for your health and well-being through our network of partner programs.
We offer a variety of support for caregivers, including overnight respite care, caregiver support groups, and activities in the community for clients.
Learn about programs designed to promote well-being, independence and community participation.
Community Virtual Care is a free health monitoring service to support people in managing their condition from home.
We provide a variety of home care services such as nursing, physiotherapy, social work, and assistance with daily activities.