Disability Services

Disability Services (Island Health)

This service page combines information regarding support, programs and therapy for those living with disabilities.

The Brain Injury Program (BIP) is an island wide community based program that provides services to assist in the regaining, improving or maintaining function and independence for adults with acquired brain injuries.
Adult Day Services help improve the health and quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities. 
Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) is a self-managed care option for home support services where funds are provided to eligible clients to purchase and manage their own home support services.
If you find it hard to bathe safely in your own home, even with support, you may benefit from community bathing programs.
Registered dietitians can help you with your nutritional health while you continue to live at home.
Health Services for Community Living (HSCL) provides professional consultation, care planning, education, advocacy and direct care to adults with developmental disabilities.
Home Support is care provided in your home by Community Health Workers.
A Physical Therapist (PT) or Occupational Therapist (OT) will work with you to maintain or improve your physical independence and safety.