Research Ethics Fees & Deadlines

REB Administration Fee for Industry-Sponsored Studies

A fee for ethical review applies only to privately sponsored and industry funded research studies. These include:

  1. Research that receives its funding from an industry sponsor (i.e. pharmaceutical/medical device company or an agent thereof; 
  2. Research that receives funding from a grant-in-aid from an industry sponsor when there are conditions/expectations that the sponsor may sublicense the data back from the researcher, and; 
  3. Industry-sponsored (for-profit) sub-studies/extension studies that include a new protocol (i.e. not an amended protocol) and therefore require full board review as a new application.

Payment of the required fee must accompany the initial application or annual renewal for all industry-sponsored (for-profit) research. It is the responsibility of the Principal/Qualified Investigator to ensure that the Sponsor is aware of these fees. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to pay the fees upon submission of the application or annual renewal.

Questions regarding payment details may be directed to

Effective September 1, 2021

Ethics Review                    $  4000
Annual Renewals              $   750 

Submission Deadlines for CREB Meetings

All applications to be considered by the Clinical REB (CREB) must be received by the deadlines listed in the Clinical REB Meeting Schedule. Electronic submissions are considered received when they have been acknowledged by the Research Ethics and Compliance Office as complete and ready for review.

Once acknowledged as complete and ready for review, we will make every attempt to ensure your study is added to the agenda for the next meeting. A maximum of five studies can be reviewed at a CREB meeting. You will be contacted if your application cannot be reviewed at the next meeting. Studies will be added to the CREB agenda in the order in which they were acknowledged. Occasionally, a second meeting may be arranged to accommodate large volumes of studies received in a given month. However, this is based on availability of REB members and cannot be guaranteed.

Please refer to the Research Ethics Boards webpage for Clinical REB dates and deadlines for submission.