Harmonization for Multi-Jurisdictional Studies

Researchers who must obtain multiple ethical approvals from separate BC research ethics boards (such as UVic, UBC, BC Cancer, as well as other partners or another BC health authority) do so using the Provincial Research Ethics Platform (PREP). All new research projects that involve both UVic and Island Health must be completed in PREP.

In August of 2022, Research Ethics British Columbia (REBC) launched a training webinar for the Provincial Research Ethics Platform (PREP): Navigating Harmonized Research Ethics. This webinar is designed to support Researchers through the Harmonized Research Ethics process.

UBC Family Practice Resident Research, UBC Dietetic Students, UBC Pharmacy Residents and UBC Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Program (FoM SSRP) must also use PREP to submit their ethics application. Refer to the UBC Guidance document.

For more information on PREP, please refer to the Research Ethics BC website.

December 2019 Guidance for Ethical Review of BC Cancer Multi-Jurisdictional Research