Researcher Profiles

Island Health Researcher Profiles 

Nearly 400 studies are currently approved under Island Health’s two research ethics boards. Our investigators and collaborators are conducting clinical trials in dementia, exploring physician and patient experiences with medical assistance in dying, developing peer support services for people with borderline personality disorder, and more.

Alex Henri-Bhargava 

Dr. Henri-Bhargava is a neurologist with fellowship training in behavioural neurology, as well as a master’s degree in Health Practitioner Teacher Education. He works in Victoria where his outpatient practice is focused on cognitive disorders like dementia, and he conducts clinical trials related to these conditions. As Medical Director of the Neil and Susan Manning Cognitive Health Initiative, he oversees health systems research to help clinicians better assess and treat cognitive disorders. Full profile 

Christine Lee 

Dr. Lee is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, and works as a researcher and medical microbiologist with Island Health. Trained in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology at the University of Toronto, her clinical and research interests include refractory and recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, antimicrobial resistant organisms, inflammatory bowel disease, and fostering appropriate lab use and best practices. Full profile 

Corrie Graboski

Dr. Graboski is Medical Director of Island Health’s outpatient clinics for amputee rehabilitation at Royal Jubilee Hospital, and for pediatric rehabilitation at the Queen Alexandra Centre. She also has a private practice focusing of the treatment of headache, primarily migraines, at Bayside Medical Centre in Brentwood Bay. Full profile 

Paul Winston

Paul Winston is the Medical Director of Rehabilitation and Transitions at Island Health. Dr. Winston is a physiatrist, and conducts research on spasticity, spinal cord and nerve injury, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome through the Victoria Peripheral Nerve and Spasticity Clinic. Full profile

Sean Spina

Dr. Spina is the Coordinator of Clinical Pharmacy Services at Royal Jubilee Hospital where he focuses his research on evaluating the impact of incorporating technology into clinical practice. Full profile