About Us

We oversee the ethical conduct and decision making in clinical and health research projects that use human participants, materials, and information.

We aim to build capacity in ethics, integrity, and compliance through educating, advising, research, policy/guidance development, and administration. We are also responsible for administration relating to the Island Health two Research Ethics Boards (REBs): Clinical and Health

This office also manages the process of Operational Review. This refers to the use of Island Health resources such as access to medical or other records, or impact on Island Health clinical or service resources which may be used in a research project. This is conducted concurrently to ethical review.

For a research project to begin at Island Health both Research Ethics and Operational Review must be complete for Institutional Approval to be released.

Research Ethics

The process of ethical review evaluates all proposed research by an independent committee (REB) of experts which examines the research study through the lens of prospective participants. The REB’s assessment of a proposed study’s ethical acceptability is guided by core principles of research ethics (e.g. justice, concern for welfare, and respect for persons). 

The underlying value of research ethics review is respect for human dignity. The review process ensures that research involving humans is sensitive to the inherent worth of all human beings and the respect and consideration they are due.

Site-Specific Requirements 

  • Your research may have privacy implications - if you have questions about privacy considerations for your research study please visit Research Privacy at Island Health BEFORE submitting to the REB.
  • Researchers must obtain Institutional Approval from Island Health prior to commencing any human participant research studies taking place at Island Health. See our Operational Review page for more details.
  • Researchers who do not hold an Island Health appointment must appoint an individual who holds an Island Health appointment as site lead or Co-Investigator for the research.

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