Conduct Research with Island Health

Important COVID-19 Notice: Clinical Trials and Health Research Operations at Island Health 

Island Health Research is focused on reducing risks for research participants and the public, and on proactively ensuring that resources are prioritized and available to support the COVID-19 response. Therefore, until further notice, we are suspending the review and initiation of new clinical trials and clinical/health research projects, with the exception of those related to COVID-19. In addition, recruitment into existing trials or research studies is suspended. Changes to existing studies as a result of COVID-19 must be documented and reported to the Research Ethics Board (REB) as soon as possible. All existing studies, whether or not they are impacted by COVID-19, will still require ongoing reporting to the REB as per existing approval requirements. Please review the full notice for details and contact information and see this follow-up notice on the exemption process for continuing or amending non-COVID studies.

Got an idea? We've got resources!

Here's what you need to know to conduct research at Island Health, and what we can do to help:

Before you start

Not sure if your project is quality improvement or research? Complete the ARECCI tool created by Island Health.
Please note: this tool is only accessible on the Island Health network.

Develop Your Idea and Build a Team: connect with our research facilitator. Submit a request to get started.

Find Funding: check out our grant facilitation and budget supports, and don’t forget to notify us if you’re applying for an external grant or need a letter of support.

Request a Privacy Consultation: we can help you design your study to comply with Island Health and provincial requirements.

Request Access to Data: find out what kind of data Island Health has, and how to access it for research purposes.

Apply for Approval: ethics and operational approval is required for all research conducted at Island Health.


Enrollment: if your study involves participants, we can help you enhance enrollment—more power to you!

Data Collection and Analysis: got a secure way to collect and manage all your data? We do!

Reporting: ensure that you meet all reporting requirements to maintain ethics approval, and reconcile and submit any required progress or financial reports to the funding agency or sponsor (including Island Health!)


Close your study with the ethics board through the Research Services Portal.

Complete any final financial or funding reports.

Translate your research into practice: contact our Knowledge Translation Coordinator, Wendy Young, for a consultation.

Disseminate your results through presentations or publications. Contact Annie Moore to learn more.