Policies & SOPs


25.3 Research Integrity Policy


SOP 502 Activities Requiring Research Ethics Board Review

SOP 505 Research Ethics Application Review Process

SOP 506 Research Ethics Boards Meeting

SOP 507 Documentation and Document Management

SOP 508 Ongoing Research Ethics Board Review Activities

SOP 509.1 Research Ethics Board - Continuing Review

SOP 509.2 Continuing Review - Research Ethics Boards Process For Expired Studies

SOP 510 Research Completion

SOP 512 Training and Education of Research Ethics Board Members and Office Personnel

SOP 513.1 Research Ethics Board - Delegated Review

SOP 513.2 Delegated Review - Delegated Responsibility to Research Ethics Board Office Personnel

SOP 514 Noncompliance

SOP 515 Management of Research Ethics Board Office Personnel

SOP 516 Research Ethics Boards - Administrative Holds, Terminations and Suspensions of Approval

SOP 520 Research Ethics Boards – Signatory Authorities

SOP 522 Informed Consent Form Requirements and Documentation

SOP 523 Research Ethics Review Fees

SOP 524 Harmonized Research Ethics Review

SOP 525 Research Ethics Board Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies

SOP 527 Research Ethics Board - Uses and Disclosures of Personal Information

SOP 528 Conflicts of Interest (Research) – Research Ethics Boards Members and Research Ethics Board Office Personnel

SOP 529 Conflicts of Interest (Research) – Researchers

SOP 530 Conflicts of Interest (Research) – Organization

SOP 531 Research Ethics Boards – Authority and Purpose

SOP 532 Research Ethics Boards - Policies and Procedures Maintenance

SOP 533 Composition of the Research Ethics Boards

SOP 534 Duties of Research Ethics Board Members

SOP 535 Management of the Research Ethics Boards

SOP 536 Research Ethics Board Office Personnel Serving as Research Ethics Board Members

SOP 537 Research Submission Requirements

SOP 538 Administrative Review and Distribution of Materials

SOP 539 Research Ethics Board Communications - Research Participant

SOP 540 Research Ethics Board Communications - Researcher

SOP 544 Research Ethics Board Review Decisions

SOP 545 Initial Research Ethics Board Review - Criteria for Approval

SOP 546 Reconsiderations of Research Ethics Board Decisions and Appeal Process

Provincial Guidance

Research Ethics & Compliance including REBs support these statements and guidelines regarding the activities pertaining to public health surveillance.

Island Health REB Guidance

Use of Form FDA 1572 – September 2022

Island Health REBs Policy Statement for the use of Form FDA 1572

Island Health Template Letter Not signing Form FDA 1572

Electronic Consent Guidance – September 2021

Island Health REBs eConsent Guidance 15 September 2021

Research Ethics Guidance – July 2021

Research Ethics Guidance – Participant ID on Study Documents 20 July 2021

Research Ethics Guidance – March 2020

Island Health Research Ethics Guidance 25 March 2020

Remote Monitoring Guidance

Island Health Remote Monitoring Guidance V 2.0