US Financial Conflict of Interest

This page outlines what Island Health requires of all investigators applying for, holding, or working with studies that must comply with the US Public Health Service Financial Conflict of Interest Regulations (PHS FCOI regulations). 

View PHS FCOI Regulations

This requirement is mandated under the 2011 Public Health Service regulations and is in addition to any requirements for submitting Island Health conflict of interest declarations through the use of 5.5.1 PR Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

The PHS FCOI regulations establish investigator reporting AND training requirements and apply to all PHS funded research including National Institute of Health (NIH) funded research. These Regulations have also been adopted by other organizations. Please see the List of Granting Agencies requiring compliance with these regulations. This list is provided for your convenience and may not be complete so please check with your funding agency if you are unsure whether compliance is required.

If you are an Island Health affiliated investigator with an appointment at a post-secondary institution, in most cases, you will be covered by that institution. Contact the post-secondary institution for more information.

If you do not hold an appointment at a post-secondary institution, please contact Research Compliance for more information.