Access Someone Else’s MyHealth Account

Proxy access allows a third party to access someone else's MyHealth account when the individual has consented, or the individual is authorized to act on their behalf. This includes access to health information for a child/minor, adolescent or adult.  

How to Request Access to Someone Else's Record in MyHealth

To request access to someone else's record in MyHealth complete the Request Access to Someone Else’s Account form

Send the completed form to:

  • In person at any Island Health Hospital Main Admitting Desk, or
  • To the Health Records Department, Victoria General Hospital, 1 Hospital Way, Victoria BC, V9Z 6R5.


Proxy: Person who has permission to access information or make medical decisions on someone else's behalf.

Child/Minor: Person between 0-11 years old whose parent or legal guardian access their information rights on the child/minor’s behalf.

Adolescent: Person between 12-18 years old.

  • Incapable Adolescent: Person between 12-18 years old deemed as not sufficiently mature to make health care decisions by the adolescent’s primary care provider.
  • Mature Adolescent: Person between 12-18 years old, deemed 'mature' by the adolescent’s primary care provider.

Adult: Person 19 years of age or older who is capable of making their own health care decisions.

  • Incapable Adult: Person 19 years of age or older who is incapable of exercising their information rights due to permanent or temporary mental impairment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to my child's record in MyHealth?

To request access to a child's MyHealth account, you must have your own active MyHealth account. Then you can complete the Request Access to Someone Else’s Account form

Why is access to my child's record being removed when they turn 12 years of age?

As per the Infant Act section [17], a mature minor refers to one who is able to make their own medical decisions and exercise information rights. If, when a health care provider explains the use of MyHealth to a child and they are able to understand the decisions and consequences, then the mature minor is able to obtain their own access to MyHealth account, without consenting to parental / guardian involvements.

How do I re-enroll to access my child's MyHealth once they turn the age of 12?

Once a child turns 12 years of age, they are deemed an adolescent and can make decisions about their health information on their own. 
You can re-enroll by completing the Request Access to Someone Else’s MyHealth Account form.

  • If the adolescent is deemed an incapable minor, then you must provide appropriate documentation(s) to support your request to access the adolescent's MyHealth account.
  • Otherwise, the adolescent needs to provide consent for you to have access to their MyHealth account. 
Who should I contact if I wish to remove a proxy? 

To remove a proxy, complete the Request Proxy Removal form.

Related Legislation

General Information on Access Someone Else’s MyHealth Account

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