IPAC Resources

The following documents are all PDFs unless indicated otherwise.

Precautions Signs

Contact Precautions
Droplet Precautions  
Airborne Precautions

Hand Hygiene

4 Moments for Hand Hygiene 
Hand Hygiene Procedure 
Nails and Skin Care 
Cleansing Agents 
How to Clean Your Hands with Alcohol Based Hand Rub
How to Clean Your Hands with Soap and Water
Information Sheet on Hand Hygiene 
Point of Care Risk Assessment

Additional Precautions

Glove Selection 
Gowns and Aprons 
Masks, Visors and Eyewear 
Donning Personal Protective Equipment 
Doffing Personal Protective Equipment 
Patient Management 
Contact Precautions 
Droplet Precautions
Airborne Precautions 
Airborne & Contact Precautions 
Negative Pressure Rooms
Precautions Table
Discontinuing Precautions

Infectious Diseases

Acute Care Screening 
Information Sheet on ESBL for Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase 
Information Sheet on Influenza 
Antibiotic Resistant Organisms (ARO) Screening 
Patient Placement 
Influenza Patient and Public Information 
Antimicrobial Prescribing Guide 
Pneumonia: BC HealthFile   
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE): BC HealthFile  
Whooping Cough (Pertussis): BC HealthFile
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA): BC HealthFile
Bacterial Meningitis 
Infectious Diarrhea 
Enterovirus D-68 
Hepatitis B 

Environmental Support Services

Cleaning Guidelines 
Linen - Clean and Soiled
Laundry Facilities in Non Acute Care 
Managing Food Delivery
Housekeeping Checklist
Bed Bug Information

Specific procedural recommendations

Storage of Decorative Items
Fixtures and Fittings
Signage and Other Posted Materials

Specific cleaning instructions

Cleaning Agitator Tubs / Hydrotherapy Tanks 
Cleaning Fans 
Cleaning Commodes 
Cleaning Suction Regulators


Hand Hygiene Policy 
Management of Patients with MRSA (Acute Care)  
Management of Residents with MRSA (Residential Care) 
Management of Patients with VRE (Acute Care and Residential Care) 
Personal Appearance 
Pet Visitation Policy 
Influenza Protection Policy

Posters (used in healthcare settings)

Please Bring Your Own Toys, Magazines and Books  
Are You Feeling Under the Weather? 
Is Your Visit Necessary? Do You Have a Scheduled Appointment? 
Community Health Units & Clinics 
Hospitals & Residential Care Facilities 
The General Public 

Patient Care Forms

Patient care forms are used by nurses to help assess patient symptoms, to place patients in the correct type of room to fit their needs or to track what types of medications patients are currently receving.  Correct and consistent use of these forms helps to ensure patients recieve the best and most appropriate treatment.

ARO Screening Questionnaire 
Bristol Stool Chart
Daily IPC Surveillance Sheet for Long Term Care Facilities 
Influenza Vaccination & Prophylaxis Tracking Sheet

News & Events

island health mag fall 19

Island Health Magazine Fall 2019

The fall issue of Island Health magazine includes articles on Active Transportation, Recovery Success Stories and Handling Bats. This issue also features articles on Handling the Holidays including the Importance of Self-Care and Lightening up your Holiday Dinner.

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​​​​​​​Port Alice Health Centre service model announced

​​​​​​​Port Alice Health Centre service model announced

Island Health is pleased to announce a new service delivery model for Port Alice, based on recent conversations with the Village Council, Port Alice Health Forum and community members.

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