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Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than six months. It often has no known cause, but can exist along with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD). It can also be the result of work- or vehicle-related accidents.

Statistics from the Canadian Pain Coalition indicate that 13 to 30% of Canadians suffer from chronic pain, which can impact all areas of a person's life, mind, body and spirit. It often challenges those who have it to continue to find pleasure and meaning in their lives.

Learning what you can do to manage your pain

It is common to feel like persistent pain is controlling your life; self-management strategies put you back in control. When we wait for pain to be cured, our life is put on hold. Learning about persistent pain and understanding your own experience of it, gives you the chance to influence it. Self-Management strategies empower you to prevent increases in pain, to modify pain, and to improve your day-to-day function and quality of life

Learn about the Pain Cycle and frequently asked questions:

START with learning about Pain Science
Here are a list of website that help you learn about pain science
Learn how breathing can help you with persistent pain
Learn how to move with persistent pain
Learn how pacing can help you mange persistent pain
Learn how relaxation can help you mange persistent pain

Dive deeper into managing your pain by exploring resources for persistent pain:

Digital resources for persistent pain
Other recommended online supports
Recommended books

Central Island Pain Program Videos (NRGH)

Orientation to Central Island Pain Program

Neck Pain

Pacing and Breathing

Low Back Pain

Recommended Community Support:

Nanaimo Community Support Resources
Nanaimo and Central Island Community Support Resources
Victoria Community Support Resources

Helpful videos to watch:

Introduction to Pain


Understanding Pain in Five Minutes:

Understanding Pain: Brainman Chooses


Treating Pain Using the Brain - David Butler

Pain Program Relaxation Exercises

Listen to our relaxation tracks on Soundcloud

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