Children & Youth

Children and Youth Services

This health topic provides health information and resources for every stage of your child's health and wellness from birth to age 19. 

If you are looking for services, please see Children & Youth Services

BoosterBuddy is an app that helps users manage their mental health by rewarding them for completing daily tasks that encourage positive habits.

If you are lead to believe a child has been abused, you have a legal duty to inform the police.

Safe, reliable child care providers and babysitters can enrich your toddler’s experiences and give you the peace of mind you need while you work or take time for yourself.

We provide urgent & crisis services for children & youth experiencing serious emotional, behavioural or psychiatric difficulties.

Head lice are common in B.C. communities. Although they are a bother, head lice are not a health risk.

Keeping teenagers safe and healthy is mostly a matter of encouraging healthy choices and personal safety.

The teenaged mind is only beginning to develop the ability for abstract thought processes such as considering the consequences of behaviour and planning for the future.

Island Health works as a partner with schools, school districts and community for student health and well-being.

You can help smooth the bumpy road of adolescence by helping youth develop respect for their bodies.

Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Services offers a range of services that will help support the young people in your life.

This section provides information on keeping  your preschooler healthy (children aged three to five). 

Caring for your child’s health involves all the information provided here about physical and emotional development and nurturing.