This health topic provides information about illness and disability associated with preventable diseases and how, where and when to get immunized.

Vaccines save lives and make it possible to live free of the illness and disability associated with many preventable diseases

Visit ImmunizeBC to find routine immunization schedules for all ages and to learn more about vaccines including immunization recommendations for travellers.

Health Gateway provides secure access to your B.C. health records (including immunizations).


Immunization services for children

Public health nurses provide immunizations for children 18 and under for selected vaccine-preventable diseases. For an appointment, contact your local public health unit.

Some family physicians offer immunizations starting at 2 months of age. Pharmacists offer some immunizations to individuals 5 years and older. Call your physician or local pharmacist for vaccine availability.

Immunization services for adults and seniors

Adults and seniors may get immunizations from their family doctor, pharmacist, local travel clinic, and in some communities at their local public health unit. Call ahead for vaccine availability. If you need to be immunized for work, check with your employer to find out where you should receive immunizations. 

Some health units are unable to provide routine vaccines to health people aged 19 and older because of limited capacity. Please contact your local pharmacy, family doctor or travel clinic to ask about immunization availability. 

Immunization services for individuals with chronic health conditions

Individuals with chronic health conditions such as chronic kidney disease, bone marrow or solid organ transplant, or immunosuppression, may be eligible for additional vaccines that can be given at your local public health unit.

Additional Resources

Reporting a student’s immunization status allows public health to respond quickly during an outbreak by easily identifying students who are not fully immunized.

Information about the COVID-19 vaccine and its availability.

The goal of the Immunization Program is to offer protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.