Paul Winston

Paul Winston

Paul Winston MD BSc FRCP(C)
2017-2020 President of the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Medical Director for Rehabilitation and Transitions, Island Health, Victoria BC
Co-Founder Canadian Advances in Neuro-Orthopedics for Spasticity Congress
Clinical Associate Professor UBC and the Island Medical Program
UBC Multiple Sclerosis Clinic physician.
Twitter @drpaulwinston


Paul Winston is the Medical Director of Rehabilitation and Transitions at Island Health. 


Dr. Winston is a physiatrist, and conducts research on spasticity, spinal cord and nerve injury, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome through the Victoria Peripheral Nerve and Spasticity Clinic.

Recent Publications

Select Invited Presentations

  • Adjunctive Therapies following Botulinum Toxin injection in spasticity management: an evidence-based workshop. International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), Paris 2018.
  • Neuroplasticity, novel innovation in spasticity with Francois Genet and Franco Molteni. Chair. International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM), Kobe 2019.  
  • Cryoneurotomy for spasticity. Co-Presenting introduction. Symposium of Neuro-Orthopedics, Versailles 2019.
  • ISPRM 2020 Orlando. 
  • Costa Rica PMR society. Cryoneurotomy. July 2020.
  • Entretiens de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation: EMPR. Cryoneurotomy. French presentation for French PMR society. July 2020.
  • World Federation of Neurorehabilitation. Section Chair and Presenter. Lyons, France. October 7, 2020.

Grants and Awards

  • 2020- Island Health Evidence into Practice Gold Medal Award. Rapid triage and diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome I and II; halting long term disability. 
  • 2020 South Island Medical Staff Association. Award for Innovation Leadership.
  • 2020 – Second Place Honourable Mention, Paper of the Year CAPMR.
  • Medical Student Research Award 2019, Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Principle Investigator Andrew Jamroz. “Prednisone for Acute Management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. A retrospective case series.”
  • Island Health Evidence-into-Practice Silver Medal and People’s Choice Awards, 2018. “Using evidence to build a world-leading hub for the management of spasticity.” ($500)
  • South Island Facilities Engagement Initiative Project, 2 018. “Conquering Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.” ($10,000)
  • South Island Facilities Engagement Initiative Project, 2018. “Creating a world-leading centre in novel treatment of spasticity through collaborative care.” ($10,000)
  • Unrestricted grant from Allergan Canada, 2018. Creation of a spasticity outcome platform with the CanAssist at the University of Victoria. ($30,000) 
  • First Prize, Case Report Oral Presentation. Canadian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Whitehorse 2018.