Corrie Graboski

Dr. Corrie Graboski

Corrie Graboski, MD
Physiatrist, Island Health
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia


Dr. Graboski is Medical Director of Island Health’s outpatient clinics for amputee rehabilitation at Royal Jubilee Hospital, and for pediatric rehabilitation at the Queen Alexandra Centre. She also has a private practice focusing of the treatment of headache, primarily migraines, at Bayside Medical Centre in Brentwood Bay. 


  • Site lead on an international clinical trial for the treatment of chronic migraine with a new medication (PROGRESS study)
  • Site lead on a Canadian study examining the treatment of episodic and chronic migraine with Erenumab (MAGIC study)
  • Site for a study examining patient experience using Botox to treat chronic migraine (PREDICT trial)


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  • “Numbness and Pain in the Active Patient - Part I - Nerve root and plexus injuries,” Winston P, and Graboski C. Parkhurst Exchange 2008 Vol 16 No 11 Aug 2008.
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Award for Excellence and Scientific Merit in Research, American Academic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. October 2005.