Our Team and Services

Our team connects researchers with patients and families and supports them to work together as partners throughout the research process. We provide training in patient-oriented research, and help teams to translate their results into practice to improve care.

Taylor Hainstock

Patient Research Liaison

Taylor Hainstock connects researchers and patient partners, and provides training and resources to everyone involved in patient-oriented research.

Tara McMillan and Uta Sboto-Frankenstein

Research Navigators

Tara McMillan and Uta Sboto-Frankenstein offer support for patient-oriented research teams working on ethics and grant applications. Tara works with teams and regional partners on the South Island; Uta works with teams on the Mid- and North Island.

Jenny Cartwright

Knowledge Broker

Jenny Cartwright helps to integrate research into practice by working with research teams to define who they want to engage, how to do it, and what evidence to use.