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Hospital at Home (HaH) is an internationally-recognized model that is both safe and effective. This program enables hospital-level care to be provided in the comfort of your own home. The Hospital at Home team includes physicians, registered nurses, nursing unit assistants, allied health, and pharmacists. These healthcare providers are highly experienced in hospital medicine and acute care. 

Patients in our program are registered (also known as “admitted”) with the hospital, but physically located at home. These patients receive in-person visits daily, supplemented by virtual visits with HaH team members as needed. Patients have access to their care team around the clock, and remain under the care of the HaH hospital physician while in the program. 

Therapies and tests, such as vital signs monitoring, supplemental oxygen, IV medications and lab work, are all done while you stay in your home. Occasionally patients may require diagnostics or procedures that can’t be completed at home, such as CT scans, x-rays, ECGs, or transfusions. The HaH team will be arrange for these to take place at the hospital as an appointment.

If you or your loved-one needs to be admitted to Victoria General HospitalRoyal Jubilee Hospital  or Cowichan Hospital and and meet the HaH eligibility criteria, you may be offered the alternative of receiving care at home. Participation is completely voluntary. You remain registered as a hospital patient, and can return to the hospital if required. 

How do I Become a Hospital at Home Patient

If you are interested in joining the Hospital at Home program, please speak to your physician. They can review the eligibility criteria and discuss your care with the Hospital at Home team. Please see Information for Referring Providers for more information regarding the referral process and admission requirements. 

General Information on About Hospital at Home

Referral Required?
How to get a Referral

Speak to your care team to find out if Hospital at Home meets your care needs.

Contact Us

Hospital at Home patients and caregivers can access their nurse 24/7 by calling the office directly. Island Health staff can reach the HaH office by internally dialing the 5 digit local included below.

Cowichan District Hospital:
Phone: 250-737-2030 (Internal 44331)
Fax: 250-709-3018

Royal Jubilee Hospital:     
Phone: 250-370-8156 (Internal 18156)
Fax 250-3700-8188

Victoria General Hospital:
Phone: 250-727-4397 (Internal 14397)
Fax: 250-727-4013

Most Responsible Providers [MRP] can contact the HaH physician directly to discuss potential patients or to make referrals. 

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Hospital at Home receives National Excellence in Patient Experience Award 

Hospital at Home receives National Excellence in Patient Experience Award 

Hospital at Home, an innovative unit that brings hospital-level acute care to patients in their own homes, was named recipient of the Canadian College of Health Leader’s 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award.

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