Comox Valley Diabetes Education Centre

We offer three types of appointments:

  • individual or follow-up
  • classes and group sessions
  • drop-in

Classes/Group Sessions


This two-hour class reviews the diagnosis of prediabetes and healthy lifestyle changes to prevent or delay diabetes.  

Living Well with Diabetes

This series of three, three-hour classes reviews diabetes diagnosis, BG testing, medications/insulin, exercise, stress & depression, foot care, healthy eating, label reading, carbohydrate counting, weight management and a whole lot more.

Our medical liaison doctor attends on day three of the program, to offer the doctors perspective and answer questions. A certificate of training in blood glucose monitoring is provided.


For those who have had previous diabetes education, this 3 hour class reviews what is new in diabetes and includes topics that the group wishes to cover. Dr Matous also attends.

Carbohydrate Counting

Spend 2 hours and learn how to count carbohydrates to plan meals and control blood glucose levels. This class is great for everyone and especially for those who take rapid acting insulin for meals or use an insulin pump.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

We also offer small group sessions for women with diabetes in pregnancy and gestational diabetes. The diabetes team is here to support moms throughout their pregnancy.

Wellness Centre - Diabetes Education
101 Lerwick Rd
Courtenay, B.C. 
V9N 0B9

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Individual Appointments

To book an individual appointment, contact the centre.

We offer 45-minute appointments to discuss your needs with certified diabetes educators, our dietitian and nurse and 45-minute appointments for women with diabetes in pregnancy/gestational diabetes. The diabetes team is here to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Drop-in Appointments

Our drop-in clinic runs every Tuesday from 11 a.m. – noon. All are welcome.