Spiritual Health Practitioners

Spiritual Health Practitioners

Spiritual Health professionals are members of the care team and are trained to provide comprehensive spiritual health care and emotional support to patients, families and health care staff. 

Spiritual Health Practitioners:

  • Support the cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of patients, families and health care staff  
  • Provide comprehensive spiritual health and emotional support services
  • Consult with staff and physicians on spiritual and religious care matters
  • Liaise with spiritual/religious/cultural groups in the community to facilitate the provision of rites, rituals and services
  • Partner with Aboriginal/Indigenous health programs
  • Participate in clinical ethics discussions
  • Increase health care provider resiliency and wellness through support during and after disaster situations and critical incidents

If you think a spiritual health professional can help you or someone you care for, contact your health care provider or your nearest Spiritual Health Practitioner.



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