Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Island Health

An eating disorder is a potentially life-threatening, complex illness, often with underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to get well. There are several different types of eating disorders, each with serious consequences for health, productivity and relationships.

Getting Treatment

Eating disorders are treatable and there are a number of program options, working with different types of professionals ranging from mental health professionals to physicians to dietitians.

Treatment programs design plans for each individual and their specific needs, and vary from person to person; families are often involved in the recovery process.

If you require further information about getting treatment for an eating disorder, please visit our Eating Disorder Treatment page. There you will find specific services for the area in which you live.

Additional Services to help you

Regional Eating Disorder Liaison

Can assist in locating eating disorder resources
Crystal Frost
250-519-7700 ext. 17117

Regional Inpatient Eating Disorder Service

Two designated beds at the Royal Jubilee Hospital for Weight Restoration or Symptom Interruption hospital admissions. Integrated service with local treatment providers.  
Referral from health care professional required.
Fax: 250-519-1652

South Vancouver Island Region & Victoria

For children, youth and adults struggling with eating disorders. This is an open referral and individuals can self-refer. GP involvement required.

TeleEating Disorders

Psychiatric eating disorder consultation to remote areas.  
Referral from health care professional or GP required.
Fax: 250-370-8199

North Island Regional Eating Disorder Program

Offers client services in both the Comox Valley and Campbell River for youth and adults.
250-331-5900 ext. 65325

Cowichan District Hospital Outpatient Dietitian

Offers nutritional counselling for children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders. Referral from GP or healthcare professional required.
250-737-2000 ext. 44213

Cowichan Valley Adult Mental Health Team

Offers counselling and a clinician for adults with eating disorders. Referral from GP required.

Central Island Outpatient Dietitian

Nutritional counselling for adults with eating disorders. Open referral.

Nanaimo Adult Mental Health and Substance Use

Offers counselling for adults with eating disorders. Open Referral and individuals can self-refer.

Nanaimo Crisis Counselling Clinic

Walk-in counselling services. Point of entry for adult mental health and substance use services in Nanaimo area. No referral or appointment required. 

Nanaimo Pediatric Eating Disorder Clinic

For children and youth aged 17 and younger struggling with an eating disorder. Referral from GP or healthcare professional required.
Fax: 250-739-5855 

Port Alberni Mental Health and Substance Use

Offers counselling with a clinician for adults with eating disorders.
250-731-1311 ext. 41675

Adolescent Outpatient St. Joseph’s Hospital

Offers counselling for adolescents with eating disorders.  Open referral


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