COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccines

For information on COVID-19 vaccines, including eligibility and how to book, visit BCCDC

Community Vaccine Providers please visit COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Community Vaccine Providers for more information.

Rural and remote communities

Public health hosts pop-up clinics in remote communities and areas without participating pharmacies. Communities are notified as clinics are scheduled. Find out more on the rural and remote communities page.

Homebound vaccinations

Island Health residents who are homebound may be able to receive their immunization at home by Community Health Services nurses. If you are already receiving services from Community Health Services (Home Support, Home Care Nursing, etc.) contact your office to discuss if a homebound immunization is appropriate. If you are not receiving services, contact the Community Access Centre at 1-888-533-2273 for an assessment.

Appointments are required

Register and book an appointment online or by calling 1-833-838-2323. If you have already registered through the Get Vaccinated system, you will be automatically invited to book your next appointment. Please make sure that your contact information is updated in the system. The list of available locations will be shown when you make an appointment.

This year, you can book the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccines together during the same appointment. When you book an appointment in Get Vaccinated, the system will match you to your preferred location based on age and chosen vaccines.

Additional Resources
Culturally Safe Experiences for Indigenous People

Island Health acknowledges that historical and current health system trauma may result in Indigenous individuals not wanting to visit a health authority site to be vaccinated. To address this, we are working in close partnership with First Nations Health Authority, Métis Nation British Columbia and Friendship Centers across Vancouver Island to improve cultural safety in all areas of health-care.

Indigenous people and communities continue to be prioritized, resulting in early access to vaccine, especially for communities exposed or vulnerable to COVID-19.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming and culturally safe environment at COVID-19 vaccine clinics. In addition to employing staff from Indigenous partner organizations, Island Health is working closely with Indigenous partners to have vaccines delivered in First Nations communities and at the Friendship Centre in Victoria.

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    Child getting immunized at an Island Health facility

    Reducing barriers and increasing access supports families to get immunized

    For physicians Aaron Childs and Sonja Mathes, vaccinating their three children is a matter of course. 

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    Child and mother

    Children under five years now eligible to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

    Beginning August 2, 2022, all people over the age of six months in B.C. can now receive protection against the COVID-19 virus, following Health Canada’s approval of the vaccine specifically formulated for children between the ages of six months and five years old.

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    Picture of Olivia Gooch

    Preventing long COVID in children a cause for vaccination

    When 8 year old Olivia Gooch tested positive for COVID-19 in early January 2022, her parents expected the illness would be mild, as it often is in children. However, after 10 days Olivia’s condition still included a severe dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and a low-grade fever. 

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